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  • Bansaulog Bansalans Way Of Celebration

    Bansaulog Bansalans Way Of Celebration

    Mention Bansalan, and no one seems to know this small prosperous town. Some may even think of it as a place somewhere in Zamboanga del Norte. Unknowingly, Bansalan is one of the municipalities located in Davao del Sur.

    Among those who were either born or grew up in this town include Serapion Mettilla (the country's father of bonsai); Jojo Adlawan (a singer who was once part of the London production of Miss Saigon); Dr. Teofredo Esquerra (a flight surgeon who accompanied the Filipinos who conquered Mount Everest); Atty. Israelito Torreon (who was only 36 when he was elected the president of ...

  • Ben Lao And His Organic Farm

    Ben Lao And His Organic Farm

    Although the local farming community has not embraced organic farming totally yet because of its high production costs, awareness on the benefits of chemical-free by-products has made people more conscious of health.

    Going all natural in agriculture may be unworkable for some but not to farmer-scientist Benjamin R. Lao who has become Philippines' biggest exporter of coconut syrup to the United States.

    As owner and manager of Lao Integrated Farms in Barangay Eman in Bansalan, Davao del Sur, he produces healthier alternative sweeteners like coco sugar, coco honey, and coco sap drink known ...

  • Bansalan A Town Of Sustainable Farming Methods With Sloping Agricultural Land Technology

    Davao, 22 August 2009. Some few years back, friends of Leila Rispens-Noel wanted to visit her hometown. But they had difficulty in finding the town on the Philippine map. "I have to describe to my friends where the town is geographically located and assured them not to worry because one day Bansalan will be placed on the map of the Philippines," said the native of Bansalan, Davao del Sur who left for the Netherlands in 1979.

    Bansalan, a small town with a total land area of only 20,770 hectares, is subdivided into 25 barangays. It is the boundary between the provinces of North Cotabato and D ...

  • The Beautiful Bansaulog Festival

    The Beautiful Bansaulog Festival

    Lively, educational, colorful, and awesome. These were the words used to describe the 58th anniversary of the municipality of Bansalan by those who came to witness the four-day event.

    The celebration kicked off last September 15 and culminated on the day Bansalan was declared as a town 57 years ago on September 18. This year's theme was: "Panaghiusa: Tuburan sa Pag-uswag" (Unity: Source of Progress).

    The celebration is called Bansaulog (a combination of the town's name, Bansalan, and saulog, the Visayan term for celebration). Several programs and activities were prepared by the local gov ...

  • Little Gagpang

    Little Gagpang

    Halfway between Balutakay and Centro Managa, a narrow path diverts from the main road and leads steeply downhill towards the Miral River. At the other side of the river lives a small community of farming households in a place called Little Gagpang. There are only few houses amidst the farming lands and remaining patches of forest. Some fifteen households try to make a living from cultivating vegetables, abaca and coffee.

    Little Gagpang is a peculiar place. Unlike many other areas in Managa, the population is almost entirely Bagobo-Tagabawa. The community of Little Gagpang lives somewhat sec ...

  • Forests Of Apo Now Sacred Grounds

    Forests Of Apo Now Sacred Grounds

    Another conservation milestone was reached last March 7, 2016 as a result of the facilitation by the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) to conserve the Mount Apo Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) - home to the IUCN "critically-endangered" Philippine Eagle and ancestral lands to three Indigenous Bagobo sister tribes.

    The Indigenous Obu Manuvu tribe took the first step by declaring a number of forest-covered mountains within the Apo KBA as "Pusaka".

    Pusaka is the traditional Bagobo-Manobo practice of sanctifying entities, living or non-living, as "precious" or "sacred" because it has become, from ...