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  • Dabaonons Fete History Creativity Resiliency

    The grand celebration of the Davao del Norte's (DavNor) golden anniversary on Saturday, July 1, that kicked off Friday, June 23, with the opening of Kadagayaan Festival 2017, showcased the province's rich culture and natural resources.

    The week-long festival features a series of activities aimed at promoting the province's potentials to become the country's top agri-tourism and food-producing site with its rich agricultural resources.

    These are evident in various products and services exhibited by Davao del Norte's three cities and eight municipalities from province's two congressional d ...

  • Malapatan The Cultural Gem Of Sarangani

    Malapatan The Cultural Gem Of Sarangani

    Big surprises come in small packages. This adage holds true in Malapatan, a small coastal town by the sleepy shores of Sarangani Bay. It is not the typical tourist destination that we know, but once you have seen it up close, its hidden wealth will be revealed.

    This seemingly obscure locality revealed the gem that it is when it celebrated the annual Pakaradyan Festival to mark its 47th founding day as a municipality. And when it throws a birthday party, you can only expect an explosion of colors and merry-making in a cultural showcase on land and in the sea called Pakaradyan Festival.

    Co ...

  • Davao Del Norte Celebrates Kadagayaan Festival

    Davao Del Norte Celebrates Kadagayaan Festival

    The Province of Davao del Norte kicked off the Kadagayaan Festival 2016 to celebrate bountiful harvest, in celebration of the 49th Founding Anniversary of the province.

    Amid mild rain, outgoing Governor Rodolfo del Rosario led the opening of the Agri-Tourism Trade Fair that copiously displayed various products from the eight municipalities and three cities of the province.

    The event was held back-to-back with the oath-taking ceremony of the newly-elected provincial officials, spearheaded by Governor-elect Anthony del Rosario.

    In his speech, the outgoing governor recognized the Dabaono ...

  • Tagums Botanical Park Where Natures Closure Happens

    Tagums Botanical Park Where Natures Closure Happens

    Searching for a place that suits to your need of peace? Well, Tagum City's Botanical Park is the right place to nestle at.

    The 31 hectares diverse environment, nature-bliss, silence-deafening park offers a magnificent experience of tranquility and biodiversity.

    Located at Brgy. Magdum, Tagum City, a few kilometers away from the city main, introduces beautiful flora and fauna, cottages to shed on, and an overlooking view of the province.

    If you're a health bud, you may try walking, jogging or doing your daily exercising routines but if your just seeking a place to lay a blanket and bon ...

  • Saving The Tarsiers Of Mindanao

    Saving The Tarsiers Of Mindanao

    This past month, Tagumenyos talked with so much excitement about the existence of tarsiers in the city. Considered to be the world's smallest primate, tarsiers are usually associated by Filipinos with the province of Bohol in the Visayas region. This probably explains why the news of tarsiers being released in one of the parks here created so much buzz.

    So tiny you can hold it in your palm, a tarsier's usual height is between 4 to 7 inches and only weighs 70 to 165 grams. Living on a diet of insects, the tarsier is mostly active at night. With their big eyes, they have a very acute night vi ...

  • Muslim Tradition Highlighted In Tagums Pakaradjan Festival

    Now on its 7th installment, this city's Pakaradjan Festival continues to highlight the rich culture and tradition of the Muslim Community among the general public, and local leaders tagged it as a window of the peaceful co-existence of different tribes in the city.

    On October 23, 2013, Mayor Allan L. Rellon joined the dominant Muslim tribes in the city in opening program of the three-day Pakaradjan Festival, which was marked with pomp and pride.

    The tribes include Iranon, Kalagan, Maranao, Magindanao and Tausug.

    Festival organizers said Pakaradjan is a unique and special gathering of ...