Samal Island

Samal City, Davao del Norte

Samal Island is a part of the Metropolitan Davao area and is located two kilometers away from Davao City. To reach the island, transportation is available via a barge/ferry service or passenger boats along the Sasa Wharf. The modes of transportation on the island are tricycles or trikes, bus and private car services offered by resorts.

Fishing is also a growing business sector in th ...

is city, because since the city was situated on the island, it cannot fully complement the demand for meat products imported from other parts of the country, especially in nearby Davao City.  Wiki

Samal Island News

  • The Rhinopiases Of Samal

    The Rhinopiases Of Samal

    Its every underwater macro photographers dream subject and for so long, it was like the Holy Grail, a longed for subject that was never found.

    There was an old photo of one, and there are underwater substrates that look like it could be home to this colorful fish in the family of the poisonous scorpionfish. But there was simply no Rhinopias found.

    Until this year, and there was more than one there was a whole dive spot with the red, yellow, peach, white, and purple Rhinopiases. We were in heaven.

    On my first dive a few months back, I only found the adult red one. Current was also very ...

  • From Island To Highlands What To See In Davao City In One Day

    From Island To Highlands What To See In Davao City In One Day

    Despite the current martial law status that looms over Mindanao, life and business continue on the island. Although some businesses, especially in the tourism sector, felt a slight dip during the beginning of the proclamation, it has since steadily picked up again.

    According to Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao hotel manager Bryan Yves Lasala, they were only slightly affected by the martial law. He said that occupancy was affected by eight to 10 percent as there were cancellations of bookings last June and July.

    But after people realized that there's no real danger, tourists started coming ...

  • The Buried Treasure East Of Samal Island

    The Buried Treasure East Of Samal Island

    The island always never cease to amaze me.. It keeps on telling me how magnificent it was when it comes to white sand beaches, majestic waterfalls, abundant marine life and of course a perfect crystal clear water of the beach. The scenic views and shoreline is really perfect comes with a very quiet waves. The island is dotted with so many scenic spots, breathtaking views and for any water activities. Samal is just a minute away in Davao City proper and 24/7 barge transfer from Davao Samal and vise versa.

  • Samal Island Is Home Of Vegetarian Moncadistas

    Samal Island Is Home Of Vegetarian Moncadistas

    There is a group of people living in Samal Island in Davao del Norte who consider a site in their village as sacred ground.

    The Moncadistas or Moncadians reside for free in the site. It is land they communally own, adjacent to their holy place where the White House of Moncado stands. The house is their house of worship, ?the reincarnation of Diyos Amahan [God the Father].?

    No one in the village slaughters animals. Eating pigs, cows or goats is a complete taboo to all Moncadistas. They only eat vegetables?fresh salad or cooked; they are vegetarians. The village the Moncadistas consider th ...

  • Byaheng Dabaw, Davao Philippines

    Byaheng Dabaw, Davao Philippines

    There's no place like home this adage is so true. I was born in Davao, but I grew up in Manila; and for some reasons, I've never had a chance to come back to my home town (Panabo) and meet my relatives for many years, until I luckily booked a cheap flight for Davao.

  • Fun By The Sea

    Fun By The Sea

    Samal Island will always be a summer destination to consider.

    When in Samal, formally known as Island Garden City of Samal (Igacos), it is always a challenge to decide which beach resort to choose. True, there may be a lot of resorts in the island, but Cavanicoil Mare always stands out.

    Why? Just take a look at the photos, you'll already know why. No wonder why the resort's photos went viral when it opened last 2015.

    The eight-hectare resort is located at Camudmud, Babak, Igacos in Davao del Norte. Just a background, Cavanico was formerly known as Pacific Heights resort in 2014.

    E ...