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  • Rediscovering the Forgotten Paradise

    Rediscovering the Forgotten Paradise

    Talikud Island unveils one of its secrets.

    The sound of crashing waves will excite you as soon as you approach the cliff edge of Lupa Surga.

    The picturesque view of sea foam set against the blue gray sky is simply breathtaking.

    The constant pounding of the waves against the limestone cliffs has created formations that serve as observation decks or great photo backdrops.

    As you go down the concrete steps, a small opening on the ground leads to a surprise--- a cave with water.

    It's pitch dark inside the cave but once you turn your flashlight beam, you'll see the water is still ...

  • Leave the lumads alone

    Leave the lumads alone

    Behind the astounding sceneries of the hinterland community of Talaingod town in Davao del Norte are lumads who are torn apart into two groups by what some of them call external forces, yet they are on the same boat fighting for a similar cause, that is, to protect their children, women, culture, and ancestral domain.

    But Datu Lumansad Sibogan, a member of the board of trustees of the Ata-Manobo Tribal Council of Elders Association Talaingod, urge outsiders to let the lumads resolve internal conflicts.

    He wants conflict resolution done through their own ways and tradition based on their ...

  • Waterfalls And Bats In Samal Island

    Waterfalls And Bats In Samal Island

    After island-hopping the previous day, we spent our second full day in Samal Island exploring the island itself. My friend and I took a motorcyle or habal-habal outside the wharf and for PhP180 each which took us to the famous Monfort Bat Cave and Hagimit Falls.

    As of September 2014, there's a PhP100 fee to enter the Monfort Bat Cave complex.

    I'm not exactly a fan of bats but I figured we didn't have much to do anyway and what a shame not to see the world's largest colony of fruit bats when it's already so close by.

    Indeed there were so many of them! The bats were quite noisy too and ...