Canibad Beach Cove

Samal City, Davao del Norte

Canibad Beach and Cove is located in Sitio Audanao, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte. Canibad's crescent-shaped beach line is characterized by coarse-cream sand and washed-up corals and pebbles in some parts of it. It is Aundanao's hidden paradise that is becoming popular among visitors.

Canibad Beach Cove News

  • Samal Island Samal City Davao Del Norte

    Samal Island Samal City Davao Del Norte

    Samal Island comprises the major part of the Island Garden City of Samal. It is a large island. There are also several small islands around it. Samal Island is blessed with a lot of beautiful destinations. There are a lot of hotels and resorts in the island. There is also a source of electricity and fresh water in Samal. Paved roads connect the different barangays in the island. There are several ports or point of entry to Samal Island. Transportation is not a major concern in the large communities or barangays in Samal because there are a lot of tricycles, jeepneys, bus and multicabs that pli ...

  • Canibad The Unspoiled Beauty

    Canibad The Unspoiled Beauty

    Many places around the world have beautiful and inviting beaches. All of these beaches offer a variety of different activities you can do to add up to the flavors of your long planned, finally realized, vacation. While tourists certainly have different preferences when it comes to choosing the beach to spend their vacations in, many if not all would agree that a natural, unspoiled beauty is on top of the list. And when we speak of unspoiled and naturally beautiful beaches, Canibad could easily get ahead of the competition.

    Located in Barangay Aundanao in The Island Garden City Of Samal, Can ...

  • Canibad Beach In The Island Garden City Of Samal

    Canibad Beach In The Island Garden City Of Samal

    You want to look for another breath taking view? Crazing about travelling away from the city? Fancy to explore the opposite side of the IGACOS ( ISLAND GARDEN CITY OF SAMAL ) ? or you just want to be with the nature and plunge to the cold sea water? Canibad Beach is what you want to go.

    Once a hidden beach in Samal is now gaining more and more tourists nowadays. For the record this is my 3rd time going here and I could see development from the place since my last visit. My friend expected it was like open area, completely no businesses take advantage of place but that was the opposite when ...

  • Hiking In Samal Island Davao Del Norte

    Hiking In Samal Island Davao Del Norte

    Samal island in the province of Davao del Norte is known for its beautiful beaches but if you're craving for a refreshing mountain scenery, there's a nice trail going up Puting Bato. At 410 MASL, it is the island's highest peak, offering views of the sea and nearby mountains. Its name, translated to English is White Rock, drawn from a prominent white limestone wall at its peak.

    From Davao City, I took an Island City Express bus to Samal Island. The bus also stops to pick up passengers at Magsaysay Park but to get good seats, I took a cab to the terminal along F. Bangoy Street. Taking a bus ...

  • A Day In Canibad

    Outing with my friends in Canibad Beach and Cove located in Sitio Audanao, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte.

  • Canibad Samal Philippines Cliff Jumping

    Canibad Beach of Samal City, Davao del Norte, Philippines.