Tawsuvan Falls

Magpet, Cotabato

The 85.2-feet high Tawsuvan Falls is located at Sitio Waterfalls, Bongolanon, Magpet North Cotobato. Sitio Waterfalls is a tribal community inhabited by Manobos, an indigenous people in Mt. Apo.

Tawsuvan Falls News

  • 1st Mt Apo Sky and Vertical Race 21K Running to Tawsuvan Falls

    1st Mt Apo Sky and Vertical Race 21K Running to Tawsuvan Falls

    "Wala may Tawsuvan Falls diri (There is no Tawsuvan Falls in this place)", the motorcycle driver answered when I told him our destination. "Kadto bitaw agion sa Brngy. Tagbac? (The one that can be accessed through Brngy. Tagbac?), I replied. "Ah, Bongolanon Falls diay (Ah, that's Bongolanon Falls). He then quoted us a price of P100 pesos per person one way (or 200 pesos round trip) and seconds later, Malou and I are already backriding on his motorcycle speeding up to the highland villages at the foot of Mount Apo.

    Two hours earlier, we arrived at our host's home in the town proper of Magpet ...

  • Magpet At The Foothills of Mt Apo

    Magpet At The Foothills of Mt Apo

    Thickly forested sloping terrain with diverse Flora and Fauna, Magpet being situated at the foothills of the Talomo-Apo Mountain Range is one of the easy trails to consider when hiking Mt Apo the Philippines highest mountain.

    Before we started the trekk, we hired a jeep to drive us to Tawsuvan Falls, in Brgy Bongolanon of Magpet. Tawsuvan Falls is a 30 meter falls sliding in a rock wall and adorned with thick foliage which I'll be blogging about in a separate post. As was told by Karl from the Kidapawan Tourism Office, our chosen trail to Mt Apo is called Bongolanon trail. For our day 1, we ...

  • Tawsuvan Falls unchanged beauty

    Tawsuvan Falls unchanged beauty

    Nestled in lush vegetation, Tawsuvan Falls in Barangay Bongolanon is perhaps the most popular among its cousins on the foothills of Mt. Apo because of its beauty and accessibility.

    It's been 10 years since the last time I went to Tawsuvan and took a dip in its freezing waters in the middle of the night. Last week, I had a chance for another visit. Many things have changed about the road and the village itself. In fact, we got lost on the way to the falls because of these changes.

    But the falls has not changed; it has remained rejuvenating as in the past, when it was still known as Bongol ...

  • Top ten amazing adventures to experience when in the Province of Cotabato

    Top ten amazing adventures to experience when in the Province of Cotabato

    It's just a week before the Kalivungan Festival and the 99th Foundation Anniversary of the Province of Cotabato. But for those who are coming to the province days before the week-long festival, here are some thing you can already do and enjoy.

    1. Explore the majestic Asik-asik falls in the town of Alamada. This 140-meter curtain-like waterfall is now one of the top destinations in Mindanao. Enjoy the scenic views of the rural communities along the road going to this farming town of Alamada.

    2. Ride the Asia's longest zipline, with a total length of 2.3 kilometers, in Barangay New Israel, ...

  • North Cotabato Barangay Bongolanon Magpet Tawsuvan Falls

    North Cotabato Barangay Bongolanon Magpet Tawsuvan Falls

    Sky is gloomy as it rained early in the morning. Excited for more hidden nature to be visited, it has come in mind to proceed at Bongolanon, Magpet, North Cotabato. I am familiar with the place as it is one of the jump-off areas for those mountaineers who climb Mount Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines.

    Kidapawan City was the base of this adventure as this is the nearest city. It took 20 Minutes before we reached the area. We hired a Habal-Habal (Single Motorcycle) which can also get you to Lake Agko for 80 pesos. It was also that day that the fare increased. I was expecting a 65 p ...

  • Discover Tawsuvan Falls in Cotabato

    Discover Tawsuvan Falls in Cotabato

    It's a new year, the beginning of my new journey. I want to see and discover places in Cotabato. I believe that this land is rich of natural amazing sites and is waiting to be unveiled. The cloud of war and fear that might be covering should not be a struggle because this is our land. It's time that we have to go and see the beauty that God has given us.

    Our first destination was Bongolanon. From Kabacan, we rode a van bound to Kidapawan ( if you're from Davao, you may ride a WEENA bus or a van bound to Kidapawan and will cost you 140 to 160 pesos). We bought our snacks and lunch in t ...