Muleta River

Carmen, Cotabato

Muleta River is a river draining the southern central portion of the province of Bukidnon in the southern island of Mindanao, Philippines. It is one of the major tributaries of the Pulangi River, which drains into the Rio Grande de Mindanao in Cotabato.  Wiki

Muleta River News

  • Mount Kalatungan as source of water

    Mount Kalatungan as source of water

    The Mt. Kalatungan Range Natural Park serve as the origin of headwater of tributaries of the major river systems in Bukidnon - Pulangui , Cagayan, Maradugao river, Muleta and Manupali River, among these rivers are the Bangahan river in the southwest , Ticalaan river in the northwest, Lantay river in the south Manupali river in the North. Also found in the vinicity of the park are streams that flow through waterfalls, cascade and rapids.

    Wetlands and marshes although not significant in the area, are found within the range. The mountain manifest an irregular radial Drainage pattern as observ ...

  • The Watershed of Mindanao

    The Watershed of Mindanao

    The province of Bukidnon is widely acknowledged as the food basket of Mindanao, thanks in part to the many river systems it has been blessed with that help irrigate its vast tracts of farmland. This wealth of rivers has also earned it the honor of being called the "Watershed of Mindanao."

    Bukidnon is endowed with six major river systems namely: Pulangi, Tagoloan, Cagayan, Manupali, Muleta, and Bobonawan Rivers. These rivers have carved the landscape of the province, creating numerous canyons.

    •Flowing down the inlands of Bukidnon, the Pulangi River is a majestic river with lush forest ...

  • Marawis great bounty for a real rafting adventure

    For the purist adventurers, the wild places often seemed to be more exotic and exciting than those grandiosely presented in the modern world of thrill and fun.

    And for the romantic environmentalists, the feelings evoked by the senses of taste, touch, sound and smell by the refreshing breath of the forest will always hold special significance.

    Politics, business interest, land struggle and the likes may have been the culprit behind the mysterious termination of the Mambuaya zipline's operation.

    Be that it may, the Oro zip's closure was such a big loss likened to the removal of an age-o ...

  • Mindanao power outages seen to worsen as Lake Lanao water reaches critical level

    Mindanao power outages seen to worsen as Lake Lanao water reaches critical level

    Water level at Lake Lanao, the primary source of Mindanao electricity grid, has reached its critical level, threatening to worsen the island's lack of power supply.

    Lake Lanao in Lanao provinces is the place where the six Agus plants are located.

    The Agus plants, which are very dependent on fresh water of Lake Lanao, are badly affected.

    The water level of Lake Lanao is already down to 699.34 meters from 699.66,with a difference of 0.32 meters.

    Todate, the power generation capacity of the Agus plants are reduced. Agus 1 was reduced from 80 megawatts (MWs) to 32 MWs; Agusan II from 1 ...