Mt Akir Akir

Libungan, Cotabato

Mt. Akir Akir is located at Sinapangan, Libungan. It has a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding municipalities of Calma

Sinapangan Waterfalls located at Barangay Sinapangan, Libungan. A 10-15 meter high falls which is part of the Mt. Akir-akir watershed areas.

Mount Akir Akir News

  • A Wide Support tp PGCots Centennial Endeavor to Protect The Invironment

    Climbing up a mountain just to plant trees could be exhausting especially when one has to walk a few kilometers to reach the area.

    But the 1,800 volunteers of the Tree Growing Festival in Mount Akir-Akir, Barangay Kimarayag in the municipality of Pigcawayan that came from different sectors did not worry at all going up the area carrying with them thousands of mahogany, apitong ang lawaan tree seedlings.

    From where they assembled in the village for the tree planting registration, briefing and instructions, the volunteers mostly clad in t-shirts, shorts and rubber shoes walked around 1.7 k ...

  • Kampo Uno House Blessing at Mount Akir Akir

    Summer is about to come to an end, you know what's the best thing to do Hang out with friends go outdoors and have fun! Seek for an exciting adventure. You can choose to spend it at the beach, amusement park and ride the awesome roller coaster or spend it on top of the mountains and bond with nature.

    An adrenaline junkie dude like me chooses to spend it at the mountain together with the cheerful people of KAMPO UNO, a mountaineering group from Cotabato City. It is an invitational climb and at the same time house blessing for the small nipa hut, with two rooms to separate the girls and boy ...

  • Rediscovering the Fruit Basket of Mindanao

    Rediscovering the Fruit Basket of Mindanao

    Explore the many natural wonders of Cotabato province, the home of the country's highest peak, Mt. Apo. Awe-inspiring and captivating when viewed from afar, challenging and exhilarating when experienced on trail with a towering peak of 10,311 ft. above sea level. Along the way, trekkers will see an exotic display of nature, the mysterious Lake Agko, the swift flowing Marbel River and crystal clear hidden Lake Venado.

    Enjoy eating these mouth watering fruits like rambutan, lanzones, marang, mangosteen and of course, the infamous durian. Beautiful and exotic flowers like roses, anthurium, and ...