Matigol Falls

Arakan, Cotabato

Matigol Falls is known as Bani Falls located in Arakan, Cotabato. It is a multi tiered waterfalls ,with an astounding height of about 500 meters from its first tier down to its final basin. It has five major cascading tiers and each has a basin that serves as its natural pool.

Matigol Falls or Bani Falls News

  • Chasing Waterfalls Matigol Falls Arakan Valley North Cotabato

    Matigol Falls is a 500 meter multi-tiered waterfall veiling the steep ravine of Sitio Matigol, Brgy. Datu Ladayon, Arakan Valley, North Cotabato. It is most accessible in Sitio Inamong, Datu Ladayon.

    How to get there?

    From Davao City, take a bus bound for CDO. Alight at Kampo Uno in Arakan. It's few minutes away from Marahan. Travel time from Davao City takes approximately two (2) hours. Fare is P85 (via Non-AC, Rural Transit Bus).

    Take habal-habal ride to Sitio Inamong, Datu Ladayon. Habal-habal fare is fixed at P50.

    As you arrive in Sitio Inamong, take a 20-minute trek to the MAL ...

  • The Beautiful Matigol Falls In Arakan Cotabato

    There's a beautiful paradise located just about 2 hours from Davao City. Matigol falls or also known as Bani Falls, is an enormous and beautiful falls Located in Sitio Inamong, Datu Ladayon, Arakan North Cotabato.

    Trekking to the falls is a breathtaking experience. The landscape is spectacular, you better see it with your own eyes. Along the trail, you'll see rice, cassava, and corn planted for the purpose of survival. I remember the old yet strong lady have said, "pangontra sa gutom".

    Kids are excited to see visitors and some spend time along the trekker's way to ask money or food from ...

  • Matigol Falls in Arakan North Cotabato

    The first time I went to Matigol Falls also known as Bani Falls was with my fellow mountaineers a few years ago. It was also a day hike but the trail we chose was a little difficult since we follow the trail from the uppermost part of the waterfalls going down to the foot of the waterfalls.

    This year Louie, Leo, Keir, Madayaw and I had our day trip to Matigol Falls. We arrived in Arakan Valley at 8:00am. Hired motorcycles took as at the jump off point. From the basketball court our trek begins and after 30 minutes we reached Sitio Inamong, Barangay Datu Ladayon where we secure our gu ...

  • Come and Visit the Town of Arakan and its Scenic Spots

    Arakan is a municipality situated at the northeastern tip of the province of Cotabato. The word Arakan is derived from the Manobo term "ARA" which means abundance of natural resources in the valley, and "KAN" which means the heroism and bravery of the early Manobo leaders in defending their ancestral lands. ARAKAN is basically a territory of a number of ethno-linguistic groups, predominantly of the Manobo-Kulamanon and Manobo-Tinananon tribes. The Kulaman and Tinanan rivers traversing Arakan were also named after these ethnic groups. The original settlers of the place are the Manobos, which ar ...

  • Chasing Matigol Falls of Arakan Valley

    Hidden within the lushes of verdant foliage and golden grassland of Arakan Valley in the Cotabato Province lies a stunning waterfalls called MATIGOL.

    MATIGOL FALLS also called BANI FALLS is just among the many astonishing waterfalls there is in Arakan. As this part of the town borders the nearby Marilog District of Davao City, this is one of the most visited natural attractions in the whole Arakan Valley.

    Matigol Falls is a multi tiered waterfalls with an astounding height of about 500 meters from its first tier down to its final basin. It has five major cascading tiers and each has a ba ...

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