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  • My Happiest Morning Ever On A River Cotabato City Maguindanao

    I had such a happy feel good morning in Cotabato City, Maguindanao.

    My local barkada took me down to the delta of the Rio Grande (Pulangi) River right in the heart of the city. We rented a pump boat and spent the morning cruising around! Smiling faces, local culture, a massive river, and a whole lot of bridges.

    It was such a happy morning!

    I highly suggest renting a pump boat for a few hours with friends and trying this! If you are a foreign national, please do take precaution and be with locals while doing this.

    Power On!

  • 7 Ft Philippine Crocodile Appears In North Cotabato Irrigation Dam

    Villagers in a remote barangay here have enjoyed watching a seven-footer Philippine crocodile that appeared, went missing and then reappeared again since Tuesday, officials said.

    The crocodile, one of the country's endangered species, was first seen at an irrigation dam in sitio Kinudal, Barangay Kilada, Matalam, North Cotabato which was adjacent to Barangay Dagupan, Kabacan, also in North Cotabato where it appeared twice, according to village councilman Renato Espino.

    Espino said the villagers were stunned at first seeing the large reptile at 10 a.m. Tuesday as it dove into the irrigati ...

  • Top 5 Longest Rivers In The Philippines For The River Enthusiasts

    Top 5 Longest Rivers In The Philippines For The River Enthusiasts

    The Philippines is not really known for its rivers. Tourists, local and foreign alike, are more drawn to its white sand beaches and clean, turquoise blue waters. But did you know that the country's rivers are also quite an attraction themselves? If you love anything and everything about rivers, here are the top five longest rivers in the Philippines.

    1. Rio Grande de Cagayan
    Popularly known as Cagayan River, the Rio Grande de Cagayan in Cagayan Valley in the northeastern part of Luzon is the longest and largest river in the archipelago. It is 505 kilometers long and traverses through the p ...