Asik Asik Falls

Alamada, Cotabato

Asik Asik Falls, sometimes called Dulao Falls, are located at Sitio Dulao, Upper Dado, Alamada, Cotabato. The falls are both unique and amazing because there is no stream above the hill, the water is simply springing out from the rocks.

Asik Asik Falls or Dulao Falls News

  • Asik Asik Waterfalls Alamada, North Cotabato 2018

    Asik-asik waterfall is found in Brgy Dado, Alamada, North Cotabato. Within the Libungan-Alamada natural botanic area. Before exploring make sure you are prepared and got the endurance to walk on the 1000 stairs, for more details click here: https://pinoytravelersnotebook.wordpr.

  • Asik-Asik Falls Of Alamada

    Asik-Asik Falls Of Alamada

    A beauty in a form of water streaming out and down from lush green cliff walls joining the meandering Alamada River in the highlands of Cotabato a simple description of a hidden gem in the town of Alamada, at the foot of the Blue Mountain that is Mt. Ragang or Mount Piapayungan to some. Asik-asik Falls, the pride of Cotabato, is a unique and beautiful curtain waterfalls tucked in a rift formed by the Alamada River.

  • North Cotabato VLOG Asik Asik Falls

    Young people and young at heart in our workplace decided to conquer the majestic beauty of North Coatabato Province!

    Isang Drawing na naman ang Nakulayan!

    Na amaze ako sa Alamada LGU, pinagawan talaga ng kalsada from hway to entrance of Asik Asik falls. woow! Supportive sa Local Eco Tourism!

    Safe po ang place.

  • Asik-Asik Falls Dwarfed By Nature

    Asik-Asik Falls Dwarfed By Nature

    I have witnessed several waterfalls in my life but never have I seen yet one as peculiar as Asik-Asik Falls.

  • The Magik Of Alamada Asik-Asik Falls

    The Magik Of Alamada Asik-Asik Falls

    The land of promise, that is Mindanao, has been, for the longest time, tainted eternally in shades of uncertainty, danger and inconclusiveness. This is how the local media paints the whole Southern Philippine island in front of the whole nation. The focal point has been reduced to nothing but only violence and not considering the fact that the whole picture of Mindanao is a sanctuary of peace loving people, hidden gems, and cultures like no other. In this #RoadtripMindaNow adventure series we ventured down south to discover what is in store for us in just a day, and what lies beneath the craft ...

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    Date Yourself This February Best Places To Travel Solo In Philippines

    Traveling is one of the most liberating things to do. No matter what kind of traveler we are, we can experience different situations, and from that, we can tell different stories to other people.