Mt. Kampalili Puting Bato Reserve

Pantukan, Compostela Valley

Mt. Kampalili Mt. Puting Bato or Mt. Tagubud Key Biodiversity Area is comprised of Mt Puting Bato (Mt Tagubud), Mt Kampalili and Mt Mayo lying along the boundaries of Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental Province. They rise to 2,613, 2,388 and 1,747 m respectively, and are extremely rugged and inaccessible.

Many of the threatened and restricted-range species of the Mindanao and Eas ...

tern Visayas Endemic Bird Area have been recorded in this IBA. They include Philippine Eagle, Philippine Cockatoo and Lina's Sunbird. The presence of extensive areas of suitable habitat for the eagle suggests that this IBA will prove to be an important part of the network of sites required for the protection of this low-density species.

Mount Kampalili Mt Puting Bato or Mt Tagubud Key Biodiversity Area News

  • Mount Manlaku ICCA Philippines

    Mount Manlaku ICCA Philippines

    Mount Manlaku, original name Pawa na giatiman nang mga otaw na Mandaya sang Manlaku, is an ICCA in the Philippines. Located in the municipality of Tarragona, the ICCA covers more than 21km2, and is home to over 400 members of the indigenous Mandaya people. The community is divided into five hamlets, called Lumbong, Bagwan, Sambuyan, Quarry, and Nagas.

    The ICCA is part of the Mount Kampalili Range, a Key Biodiversity Area (KBA), which is home to more than 50 species that are endemic to the Philippines, and more than 20 globally threatened species. Other notable species that are present in th ...

  • Mount Tagub Kampalili ICCA Philippines

    Mount Tagub Kampalili ICCA Philippines

    Mount Tagub-Kampalili ICCA is a proposed Philippine Eagle Critical Habitat, or Nanganganib na tirahan ng mga Agila, in Mindanao Island, Philippines. The ICCA was established in partnership with the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) in 2009, and is governed by the Mandaya indigenous people. The Madaya live in four villages, and number around 800 people. The communities govern their ICCA through a Local Community Governing Council and Indigenous People's Organisation, and have established the Mandaya Association of Taocanga Tribal Council, Inc. The PEF initiative assisted the communities in inst ...

  • FPE Special Project for Uplifting IPs Environmental Governance Yields Successful High Impact Results

    Mainstreaming Indigenous People's Participation in Environmental Governance (MIPPEG) ??" a collaboration between the Foundation for the Philippine Environment (FPE) and the Philippine Association for Inter-cultural Development, Inc. (PAFID), in coordination with the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) ??" officially completed its four-year duration last December 17, 2014.

    The project, which was designed to uplift the quality of life for indigenous peoples' communities located in ecologically important sites through their capacitation and empowerment in environmental governance ...