Mount Candalaga

Maragusan, Compostela Valley

Mount Candalaga is located in Maragusan, Compostella Valley is one of those intriguing mountains. It is blessed with a virgin forest and stunning scenery that will bring joy to every tourist. The mountain possesses different impressive flora and fauna and a system of waterfalls that welcomes you at the start of your trail.

Mount Candalaga News

  • Mt Candalaga AMCI 2016 Induction Climb Recon

    Mount Candalaga AMCI 2016 Induction Recon Climb last September 2-3, 2016 located in Maragusan, Compostela Valley.

  • Hiking Matters 433 Mt Candalaga Compostela Valley Day 2 Up The Summit

    Hiking Matters 433 Mt Candalaga Compostela Valley Day 2 Up The Summit

    Continued from Hiking matters #432: From Camp 2, we woke up early, hoping to reach the summit in time for an early morning clearing. It was estimated to be a 2-3 hour hike, but given the fact that the mountain hasn't been climbed in over two years, we took that estimate cautiously, hoping that there weren't fallen trees obstructing the trail.

    Our fears were realised, with some landslides and eroded sections, some of which render the trail practically impassable, save for tree trunks that act as 'bridges'! Fortunately, the trunks were still large enough to be comfortably crossed by all of us ...

  • Enduring The Trail Of Mount Candalaga

    Enduring The Trail Of Mount Candalaga

    Knowing that this mountain is standing tall in Compostela Valley, I think of it as " Ah, it's part of the mountain ranges." It's also the place of waterfalls, hot and cold springs, and folktales. The home of the corpse flower, Rafflesia mira, named after its decaying smell.

    We're all six on this journey. The tourism officer told us to dropped by a certain store, and from there we will meet our trail guide. When we got there, no guide showed up. So we took a hot and long hike to the foot of the mountain, hoping that we could find our new guy.

    We passed by on the rice fields and an old li ...

  • Marangig Falls-Mount Candalaga in Compostela Valley

    Marangig Falls-Mount Candalaga in Compostela Valley

    Marangig Falls serves as an entry to climbing Mount Candalaga. It is a system of waterfalls consisting of 13 levels surrounded by trees and different shrubs.

    According to legend, Marangig Falls is home to a ship known as Donya Marangig. Once in a while, residents would hear the blow of the horn and see that the river's waters have overflown. The shifting of the water, according to the locals, means that the ship is moving but the ship is invisible.

    The province is one of the untapped natural gems of the country. Its thick, undisturbed forest serves as home to numerous endemic and endange ...

  • Trekkers to conquer Mount Candalaga Anew

    Mountain climbers will revisit the highest peak of Compostela Valley province when the nation marks the Lenten season and Easter in an event dubbed "Summer Climb and Holiday Tour 2004."
    Rising 7,880 feet above sea level, Mt. Candalaga is located between barangays New Albay and Coronobe of Maragusan municipality.

    Department of Tourism (DOT) assistant regional director Roger Layson said the climb is a regional annual summer activity enrolled in the eco-tourism calendar of events of the Davao region.

    Expected to join are 200 climbers from all over the region, he said.

    The climbers will ...