Marangig Falls

Maragusan, Compostela Valley

Marangig Falls is located in Barangay New Albay in Maragusan, Compostela Valley, some of 30 minutes away by van from the town proper. It is composed of 13 series small falls and this is also the jump off point when climbing Mount Candalaga.

Marangig Falls News

  • Maragusan Tourist Spots And Travel Guide

    Maragusan Tourist Spots And Travel Guide

    Just because the summer months have already passed, doesn't mean that summer has ended. There are so many places in the Philippines that you can go to which will make you feel like summer will never end. One of which is actually a summer capital of Davao Region. Maragusan, or was also known as San Mariano, is found in Compostela Valley where beautiful hills and mountains rise above the ground.

    Learn more about the best spots to visit in Maragusan so you don't miss out on its beauty.

  • Mt Candalaga AMCI 2016 Induction Climb Recon

    Mount Candalaga AMCI 2016 Induction Recon Climb last September 2-3, 2016 located in Maragusan, Compostela Valley.

  • Compostela Valley Eco Tourism Wonders Of Maragusan

    Compostela Valley Eco Tourism Wonders Of Maragusan

    Compostela Valley is the summer capital of Davao where the quaint, adventurous town of Maragusan awaits those willing to explore its wonder.

    Maragusan has a little bit of everything. It has cool weather comparable to Sagada, number of Waterfalls like that of Biliran, hot springs similar to Laguna and cold springs too like that of Banawe. So, it is like enjoying nature at its best in one intrepid town town.

    The town has almost twenty waterfalls but two of the most popular ones are the Tagbibinta Falls and Marangig Falls. Tagbibinta Falls is just few treks away from jump-off point while Ma ...

  • The 48th Waterfalls-Marangig Falls

    The 48th Waterfalls-Marangig Falls

    Location : Brgy. New Albay, Maragusan, Compostela Valley
    Date : September 25, 2015

    Maragusan can be reached via Nabunturan or New Bataan or Mati. Going there we took the Nabunturan route which is around 50KM the roads are partly cemented and partly rough to unpaved road.. Going out we exited Mati. The road to Mati around 55KM, also passes the towns of Pantukan, Banay Banay, and Lupon and are composed of unpaved and newly cemented roads.

    To reach Marangig from Maragusan travel for around 10 KM on the road going to New Bataan, same route as Tagbibinta, then turn right, There's a signboard ...

  • The Waterfalls Of Maragusan Compostela Valley Philippines

    The Waterfalls Of Maragusan Compostela Valley Philippines

    I planned this trip a year before the actual travel. I've always wanted to explore, see, and do waterfalls chasing in Mindanao. The last time I explored Mindanao was two years ago. Among the places I visited was the falls in Lanao Del Norte, namely: Tinago Falls, Cathedral Falls, and Maria Cristina Falls and then the falls in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. Year 2014, I promised myself to visit the falls in Mindanao. Maragusan was not part of the plan but since I opted not to go to Asik-Asik Falls and Bani Falls in North Cotabato, I had to find an alternative for my adventure in Mindanao.

    This ...

  • Marangig Falls Maragusan Compostella Valley

    Marangig Falls serves as a jump-off for those wanting to climb Mount Candalaga.