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  • Mandayas furious over PMDC issued cease and desist order

    Indigenous people mostly belonging to the Mandaya community here were enraged over the cease and desist order (CDO) issued by the Philippine Mining Development Corporation (PMDC) to stop mining operation within the Tribal Mining Area (Trima).

    On June 25, Friday, they held a sort of rally along the road at Sitio Mibatas brandishing their traditional hunting gears ??" spears and arrows, while wearing the Mandaya distinctive red garb.

    Members of the Mandaya community in Upper Ulip organized a Panawag-tawag ritual officiated by a "baylan" (shaman) who appealed to diwatas (fairies) to protect ...

  • Compostela tribes protest being eased out of mining area

    Compostela tribes protest being eased out of mining area

    Tribal communities in a village at the foot of the gold-rich Mt. Diwalwal are seething with anger and frustration at the government following a dispute over an ancestral mining claim.

    Residents of an indigenous community in Upper Ulip village staged protests on June 24 to dramatize their opposition to the 'awarding' by the Philippine Mining Development Corporation of a 950-hectare gold-rich area to a Manila-based company.

    They accused the state firm of trampling on their rights to extract resources from the land, which the government gave them by virtue of the Indigenous People's Rights ...

  • Diwalwal IP groups rally against PMDC order

    Tribal groups settling in seven barangays of Monkayo, Compostela Valley Province rallied against the Philippine Mining Development Corporation after having received no explanation for the Cease-and-Desist order released last December.

    Datu Fernando Latiban, chairperson of the Upper Ulip Tribal Cooperative, asked PMDC to lift the said order as the community along with their partners have followed and conducted community development to start the mining operation in the said area.

    Latiban explained that the area was awarded to them in 2003. With it the community signed an operating agreemen ...