Utanon Festival

Dalaguete, Cebu

Utanon Festival is celebrated yearly in the municipality of Dalaguete, Cebu, during the 9th and 10th days of February. The name "Dalagauete" originally derived from a tree that grows abundantly in the town, the Balete tree, which is also called as Dalakit in Cebuano. On the other hand, the festival's name means Vegetable.

Utanon Festival News

  • Giving Thanks For A Bountiful Harvest At The Utanon Festival

    The Philippines is known for its colorful festivals that celebrate the feast day of the patron saint of a place. Food and drinks are in abundance during these festivals and people normally end up eating more than usual. Meat dishes of different kinds are normally served with the world famous Cebu lechon taking the spotlight on the table. But there is one town in Cebu where the vegetables reign supreme.

    Vegetable Basket of Cebu

    The Utanon Festival of Dalaguete celebrates good harvest every February 9 and 10. The festival also celebrates the feast day of the patron saint of the town, San G ...

  • A Healthy Celebration In Cebu The Vegetable Festival Of Dalaguete

    A festival for the veggie lovers!

    The Municipality of Dalaguete in Cebu celebrates its good harvest through dance and music every month of February. The town fiesta is celebrated annually in honor of its patron saint, San Guillermo, which is already its 305th anniversary this 2016.

    The main highlight is celebrated with street dancing and showdown competitions known as "Utanon Festival."

    Utanon is from the local term "utan" which means "vegetable" in English. The Municipality of Dalaguete is recognized as the "Vegetable Basket of Cebu". Its highly valued crops and vegetables are the mu ...

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    After the celebration of Sinulog of Cebu, Dinagyang of Iloilo and Ati-atihan of Aklan in January, where else can you go in Visayas?

    There are more festivals that you can enjoy the whole year round. Each has different themes such as fighting against Moro raiders, demonstrating arnis, giving thanks to bountiful harvest, and celebrating the abundance of the sea.

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    February (First Week)

    1) Salakayan Festival (Miagao, Iloilo)
    The town was once the cradle of rich cultural heritage ...

  • Utanon Festival 2015

    Ritual Showdown Grand Champion Best in Street Dancing, Tri De La Paz.

  • Municipality Of Dalaguete Street Dancing Utanon Festival Queen 2014

    Utanon Festival Queen for the year 2014 Street Dancing Competition.

  • Utanon Festival Dalaguete Cebu

    The municipality of Dalaguete is known as the "Summer Capital & Vegetable Basket of Cebu." The town is endowed with nice sandy beaches; that just means that you can have fun on the sand and fun on the streets during fiesta time.

    Dalaguete's sea is very enticing for those who love marine adventures such as jet skiing and boating, as well as its beautiful marine sanctuaries which are great spots for scuba divers.

    The Utanon Festival – is a festival of Music and Dance featuring the high value crops and vegetables as a major form of trade, its contribution to the local economy, its role in ...