Tumalog Falls

Oslob, Cebu

Tumalog Falls are located in Oslob, Cebu and are a must-see attraction, especially if you are going to the Oslob Whale Shark watching area or to Sumilon Island. The falls have mini-umbrellas that cascade fine strands of cold, fresh water in a rain-like fashion.

Tumalog Falls News

  • Tumalog Falls To Close For 3 Days For Cleanup

    Tumalog Falls To Close For 3 Days For Cleanup

    After the sandbar and dive sites in Sumilon Island, Oslob Mayor Jose Tumulak Jr. announced that Tumalog Falls, another tourist site in the town, will be closed for three days starting tomorrow for a cleanup drive.

    The Municipal Government, though, will open tomorrow the sandbar and dive sites in Sumilon Island after these were cleaned for one week.

    In his meeting with tourism stakeholders last Thursday, the mayor said it was agreed that no tourists will be allowed at the sandbar and dive sites in Sumilon every third Wednesday of the month to give way to a regular cleanup drive.

    For th ...

  • Your Guide To a Cebu Layover Sharks Waterfalls And Coconuts

    Your Guide To a Cebu Layover Sharks Waterfalls And Coconuts

    That dreaded word layover. In a country filled with beaches, jungles, and waterfalls at every turn, the Philippines becomes an enticing land of tropical adventure, even if just for one night. With 65 USD in your pocket, an overnight layover and an adventurous spirit, you can swim with sharks, visit multiple waterfalls, enjoy a coconut on the beach, and still make it back to the airport in time for your flight onwards.

  • Fairy Tale Waterfall In The Philippines Tamalog Falls

    Exploring one of the most amazing waterfalls ( Tamalog Falls ) in the Philippines. Today's Vlog was quite the adventure! Started off in Taiwan and thanks to you guys that voted on my instagram (@kevtaii) I ended up in the Philippines!

    Tumalog Falls, also called as "Toslob falls" or "Mag-ambak falls" situated in barangay Luka, southern part of Cebu, Philippines. It will only take about 2 hours and a half to get close to the area from Cebu City.

  • DIY Guide To Tumalog Falls

    DIY Guide To Tumalog Falls

    During our stay in Bluewater Sumilon, we were treated to a day of roaming around the town of Oslob and its neighboring towns. Ive developed an aversion to Oslob because of the towns unsustainable practices in with regards to its unfortunately popular whale shark-watching. (If you want to see the gentle giants, I beg you: please go to Donsol instead.) Well, the original itinerary included this activity but I put my foot down and said I would not participate in it. Thankfully, the idea was scrapped and we went chasing waterfalls instead.

  • My Solo Getaway In Oslob Cebu, Philippines

    Every traveller is a storyteller. A story that highlights different journey, captures significant memories and inspires aspiring dreamers.

    I'm not just a traveller nor a storyteller. I'm one of you. A dreamer.

    This video simply highlights my first ever solo getaway in a town that is 3 - 4 hours away from Cebu City. This is Oslob Cebu in the Philippines.

    A video that showcases the beauty of Oslob tourism and the intensity of adventures it may bring to aspiring travellers & dreamers.

    Let me give you the 3 highlights:
    1.) Jump
    2.) Swim
    3.) Chill

  • Tumalog Falls Oslob Cebu

    Tumalog Falls Oslob Cebu

    Last January of 2016, we had an abrupt roadtrip to Oslob. Our target destination was Cancuaay Beach Resort but we made a lot of side-trips/dropped-by along the way. Tumalog falls was included in the side trips. The falls is also located in Oslob, 170 kilometers away from Cebu City. There were a lot of visitors at that time that we just follow the trail of tourists until we arrived at the area where we parked the car and walked our way to the falls.