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  • Panganuron Falls in Camotes Island Cebu

    A small falls near the top of a mountain somewhere in Camotes Island Cebu. I'm with my team, a mix of crazy and not so crazy people from Wipro Cebu.

  • Camotes Island In Less Than 24 Hours

    Camotes Island In Less Than 24 Hours

    Just 2 hours away from mainland Cebu, Camotes Island is a remote hideaway waiting to be discovered. Well from the word itself you might wonder why Camotes? Camote means sweet potatoes but we Filipinos spelled it as kamote. The most basic and feasible guess that pops in my mind is that...maybe the predominant crop on the island is Kamote. It turns out my guess was right but during Spanish times.When the Spanish came they asked some natives farming about the name of the island, the natives replied "Camotes" thinking they were asked what they are harvesting. Today, the predominant industries on t ...

  • Team Building In Camotes

    Team Building In Camotes

    Stressed from work and want to have a short break to relax and all? Then there's this island which is just a two hour away from the mainland of Cebu. Another place that Cebu should be proud of and can be compared to Bantayan Island and Malapascua Island.

    Summer has just officially started and, we, as a team are looking for a nice place to have our team building when they decided to go to Camotes Island. Team building in Camotes was a good idea since I haven't been there yet. Yep, you read it right. I've never been to this place and please don't ask me why 'cause I don't know either.

    Camo ...

  • Camotes Cassava Festival Cebu

    Camotes Cassava Festival Cebu

    In Cebu this June, the locals will be celebrating the Camotes Cassava Festival. This festival sounds especially interesting if you love eating root crops, although of course you are definitely invited if you love colorful fetes and just simply mingling with others.

    What is 'camote'? You may ask this question if you are not from the Philippines. The name 'camote' is Filipino for sweet potato. It is a major crop in the country. The Cebu festival does not only promote the sweet potato but also recognizes cassava and its byproducts.

    The annual fiesta is a thanksgiving for the generous harves ...

  • The Cassava Festival Of Camotes Island

    The Cassava Festival Of Camotes Island

    The Cassava Festival in Tudela, Camotes Island, Cebu is a yearly celebration held every second week of June.

    If you love eating root crops, this festival is for you! A thanksgiving celebration of farmers for a bountiful harvest, particularly of sweet potatoes and cassava, it's a time where farmers display and sell an assortment of cassava-based products.

    The farmers also share their skills and knowledge in processing these products. Part of the festival activities are the search for new cassava products, exhibits, cooking contests, parades, a cultural night, and the Miss Camotes Tourism ...

  • Regulate Camotes Tourism Growth Government Urged

    Regulate Camotes Tourism Growth Government Urged

    With Camotes Islands getting special mention by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, the government should draft a master plan to regulate its growth, a top Cebu City tourism official said yesterday.

    "The government should protect and preserve the islands by creating a master plan in line with regulating its growth.

    There should be regulations or ordinances in place so that it does not end up like Boracay and Mactan," Cebu City Tourism Council chairperson Tetta Baad said.

    Boracay and Mactan have become highly commercialized. Both now have busy streets and host resorts with large buildings.