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  • Tubod Festival Of Tuburan

    Tubod Festival Of Tuburan

    Blessed with numerous natural springs, the municipality of Tuburan has started to attract the attention of local and foreign visitors. The name of the town itself is based on the Cebuano word for spring, "tubod." Due to the abundance of natural springs in the area, it is also all but appropriate for the town to call its annual fiesta the "Tubod Festival."

    The Tubod Festival is held every 13th day of the month of June. Aside from showing their gratitude for the natural blessings bestowed on the town, the annual festival is also celebrated in honor of the patron saint of the town, St. Anthony ...

  • Cool Down At The Molobolo Spring In Tuburan

    Cool Down At The Molobolo Spring In Tuburan

    Cebu is renowned for its impressive white sand beaches that rival the best in the country, if not, the world. While a good number of tourists come to Cebu to spend some down time in the magnificent beaches of the island, Cebu has much more to offer.

    Aside from the excellent beaches, the island is also home to a number of picturesque waterfalls like the Kawasan Falls in the south. Cebu also has its share of fresh water springs, with a good number found in the municipality of Tuburan. In fact, the name of the town is derived from the Cebuano word "tubod" which means "spring."

    Molobolo Spri ...

  • Check Out The Soothing Waters Of The Mantawihan Spring In Tuburan

    Check Out The Soothing Waters Of The Mantawihan Spring In Tuburan

    The town of Tuburan is home to numerous natural springs, which is where the town got its name. The word "tubod" is the Cebuano term for spring, so the name Tuburan essentially means a place where springs are found. One of the more renowned springs in the town is the Molobolo Spring.

    But, the town has another spring that is also drawing in crowds of both residents and visitors, the Mantawihan Spring. Unlike the Molobolo Spring, the Mantawihan Spring is not quite developed. It is also connected to another body of water, albeit a smaller one compared to the other tourist attraction of the tow ...

  • Check Out The Magnificence Of The Marmol Cliff In Tuburan

    Check Out The Magnificence Of The Marmol Cliff In Tuburan

    The natural beauty of the island of Cebu never fails to amaze residents and visitors, alike. Some of these natural beauties have remained relatively untouched by human development, enhancing their appeal to both local and foreign visitors. One of these natural attractions can be found in the northwestern town of Tuburan, the Marmol Cliff.

    A Little Background

    Tuburan is a quiet coastal town that is the hometown of Arcadio Maxilom, one of the leading figures in the Philippine revolution. The town owes its name to the good number of springs in the area. The term "tubod" is Cebuano for sprin ...

  • Unbelievable Marmol

    Unbelievable Marmol

    So, where do we start? Well, okay, let's start with why I decided to go to Marmol. You see, prior to the trip, my eyes were set on Maravilla in Tabuelan. I wanted to go to the beach! But you know those tiny moments in your life when all plans are in place yet you still look around to do something else? Yeah? Well, this was exactly like those tiny moments.

    When I reached Tabuelan after a 40-minute drive from Sogod, I stopped at a road-side store for a short break. My next destination was definitely the beach. But, as you already know, that didn't happen. Why? I was searching online for excit ...

  • Is It Worthy To Reach Marmol Cliff

    Is It Worthy To Reach Marmol Cliff

    If you are crazy enough to bring your moto/darling beast and make a splash (river surfing - pun intended).. then YES!!!!!!!!

    Luckily, we were able to convince our "habal-bahal" tour guide to lead us the way to the Marmol cliff. I remember it took us an hour to reach the destination challenging our way through the river bed, cross the waters, and sometimes feel our rear wheel drained its soul to the void of nothingness - but it was pure fun.

    Felt like riding on your iron balls on diagonal direction like surfer.

    Honestly, I didn't know about the cliff in the first place until my bike bu ...