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  • Enchanting Malubog Lake And Falls Tagaytay Hill

    One of the most enchanting beauty of Toledo City, Cebu - Malubog Lake + Falls and Tagaytay Hill. I was mesmerized by its beauty and silenced with its serenity.

    This vlog is different from my usual vlogs because I wasn't so wacky here. We were advised to behave especially near the lake because of some myths of a giant octopus or locally known as "Mantaga" that's living underneath. But behold and be amazed by its wonder!

    I hope you had fun and enjoyed the video. Please don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. Also, COMMENT down below your thoughts and questions and I'd be happy to read them all ...

  • Enchanting Malubog Lake Falls And Tagaytay Hills Of Toledo City

    Enchanting Malubog Lake Falls And Tagaytay Hills Of Toledo City

    Malubog Lake, located in the heart of Brgy. Gen. Climaco, Toledo City. This grandiose lake is the biggest I've seen as of this writing. It is called as "Malubog" or unclear because literally, the water is somewhat muddy which makes the water less visible. Locals say that this body form is a source of tilapia and other kinds of freshwater fish.

    We arrived at the Brgy. Hall of Gen. Climaco from a motorcycle ride from the highway which is just beside the lake. The vicinity of this barangay surrounds almost half of the lake going to the hills to Tagaytay. We met our guide ??" Teacher Traveler P ...

  • Malubog Lake And Malubog Falls Exploring Toledos Wondrous Treasures

    Malubog Lake And Malubog Falls Exploring Toledos Wondrous Treasures

    From the gleaming 10,000 Roses in Cordova to TIEZA Botanical Garden, there have been quite a few scenic Instgrammable spots in Cebu that have been making the rounds on social media as of late. With their picturesque scenery and incredible floral displays, these spots have mesmerized and captured the hearts of almost everyone in Cebu. And while these spots are fairly popular and picturesque, I somehow have little interest in visiting and seeing them in person. Nowadays, I've been more inclined to see unsung spots like Malubog Lake and Malubog Falls than Cebu's buzzing crowd magnets.

    Don't ge ...

  • Malubog Lake Toledo City Secret Destination

    Malubog Lake Toledo City Secret Destination

    Who could have thought that Toledo City has a secret secluded place where you can unwind and get intimate with nature.

    Malubog Lake is situated in Barangay General, Toledo City. This lake has been shunned before with many tourist because of its difficulty of going there. The place is essentially peaceful and extremely a good place to refreshed.

    On a coincidental situation, the lake is not made by nature. Because of the existence of the lake, many residence are resentful. The fact, that the community was in a very position especially when it comes to financial terms.

    According to the ...

  • Mt KM 28 Simplicity And Beauty At Their Finest

    Mt KM 28 Simplicity And Beauty At Their Finest

    Where can you find a nice, challenging weekend climb without draining your wallet? A mountain in Cebu where you can have a stunning 360-degree view of the highlands and the city at the summit? A hike that takes you to different kinds of scenery? A place where you think you're in New Zealand? Is it a place that sounds too good to be true? Nope! Such a place exists in Cebu, the strangely named Mt. KM 28 in the highlands of Toledo.

    Mt. KM 28, colloquially called Kalbasaan, is a grassland mountain at the outskirts of Camp 8 in the municipality of Toledo. It is the green and scenic playground of ...

  • Cebu Adventures Off The Beaten Trail

    Cebu Adventures Off The Beaten Trail

    Because of its popularity, Cebu is almost always included in the itinerary of travelers.

    I have been to the province of Cebu eight times and each time I still find new things to do and new places to explore. Courtesy of friends' suggestions and travel tips from random travelers I meet on the road, here are some things you can add to your Cebu itinerary:

    Chill at Tabuelan Beach

    Despite having a number of small resorts, the beach that stretches along the shore of Tabuelan remains mostly uncrowded and pristine. Placed on the far side of the north-eastern part of Cebu, it retains that rur ...