Tingko Beach

Alcoy, Cebu

Tingko Beach is a popular getaway located in Daan Lungsod, Alcoy in Cebu, Philippines. It is situated in a small but deep lagoon across a coral island, called Mabad-on Reef, which is completely submerged during high tide and exposed during low tide. It is separated only by a very narrow channel from the mainland.

Tingko Beach News

  • Exploring Dalaguete North Of Cebu

    Exploring Dalaguete North Of Cebu

    My last post before this was probably two years ago when I left my previous company and decided to just do home based jobs during which I had ample of times going to not-so-far places. Then I was preoccupied with so many projects and totally lost interest to travel until I broke my ankle last Christmas and was unable to walk for more than three months. I stayed at home in my little hometown away from the hassles and bustles of the Metropolitan. The first few days was pure bliss, a total escape from my daily expenses and my daily routine of waking up at seven o'clock in the evening and going to ...

  • The Wonders Of Tingko Beach

    The Wonders Of Tingko Beach

    It was 22nd of October, 2016 when we had our 2nd Christian Leadership Training Service (CLTS) in Alcoy, Cebu.

    Tingko Beach is a popular getaway located specifically in Daan Lungsod, Alcoy in Cebu, Philippines.Tingko is popular among locals because of its crystal clear turquoise water, the virgin white sand and it doesn't cost a pretty penny.

    Before getting there, you need to take a bus in South Bus Terminal. The terminal is just walking distance from Elizabeth Mall or E-Mall as the locals call it. So, when you arrive at the south bus, there's a sign board of places displayed obviously as ...

  • Alcoy A Silent Sanctuary 90 Kilometers From Cebu City

    Alcoy A Silent Sanctuary 90 Kilometers From Cebu City

    From the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City, you board a bus bound for the southeastern portion of Cebu. As you make your way to the south, you see the scenery change from an urban setting to a much more rural one. The trip starts out loud then gets quieter as the further south you go. Sitting on the left side of the bus allows you to enjoy the beauty of the coastal area. After you pass the town of Dalaguete, you are greeted by the beauty that is Alcoy.

    Although best known for Tingko Beach, the highly popular attraction located by the highway, there's still so much more we don't know about Alc ...

  • A Lazy Sunday At Tingko Beach Alcoy

    A Lazy Sunday At Tingko Beach Alcoy

    A simple life is good with me. I don't need a whole lot. For me, a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, barefoot on a beach and I'm happy. ~ Yanni

    So, what is Cebu without the wonderful beaches around it right? So here one of them that I had visited earlier this week. My work week has been so loaded and had long days with so I thought of unwinding down south of Cebu. After my mountaineering stint and after topping Cebu at O peak , I decided to go down into the near by beach in the neighboring town of Alcoy.

    Tingko Beach of a pride of Alcoy

    The humble town of Alcoy in the southern strip of C ...

  • 2-in-1 Day Trip Obong Cold Spring and Tingko Beach

    2-in-1 Day Trip Obong Cold Spring and Tingko Beach

    A month before our Intramurals, I nagged my friends on going on an adventure. (Yep, I still had to nag them because they aren't as adventurous as me.) I wanted to try canyoneering in Badian, but not everyone in the group could afford it. So I was left with two choices: Esoy Hot Spring in Catmon or Obong Cold Spring in Dalaguete and Tingko Beach in Alcoy. We chose the latter because it would only cost at least 208 pesos (food not included).

    My long-awaited day came: August 27, 2015. Our meet up time was 6:30 am in South Bus Terminal. Guess what time I arrived. 8:00. That's an hour and a half ...

  • Tingko Beach Alcoy Cebu

    Tingko Beach Alcoy Cebu swimming time with friends.