Tanon Strait Reserve

Moalboal, Cebu

Tanon Strait (Kipot ng Tanon) lies between the islands of Negros and Cebu in the Philippines. The strait connects the Visayan Sea to the Bohol Sea.

The Tanon Strait is known for whale and dolphin watching, with tour boats operating from a wharf in Bais City.

On February 7, 2008 the Supreme Court of the Philippines ordered the Department of Environment and Natural Reso ...

urces and the Department of Energy to comment on a certiorari petition filed for toothed whales, dolphins, porpoises and other cetacean species in the Taon Strait to stop oil exploration by Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. Ltd. in the protected waterway.

The strait serves as a marine wildlife reserve that provides grounds for breeding, feeding and resting to 11 species of marine mammals. The court was asked to recognize the petitioners as "Filipino mammals" with constitutional rights.

Tanon Strait Marine Reserve Protected Seascape News

  • A Second Look At Closed Fishing Season

    A Second Look At Closed Fishing Season

    Various stakeholders in the Visayas closed ranks on November 15 to enforce the "closed fishing season" for herring, mackerel and sardines in the Visayan Sea by virtue of Fisheries Administrative Order (FAO) 167-3.

    The three-month closed fishing season every year from November 15 to February 15?prohibits commercial fishing of the three important fish species in the Visayan Sea.

    During the closed fishing, the fishes are allowed to spawn.

    FAO 167-3, or the Establishing a Closed Season for the Conservation of Sardines, Herrings and Mackerels in the Visayan Sea, specifically prohibits the ...

  • Church Signs MOA To Protect Marine Life

    Church Signs MOA To Protect Marine Life

    The Cebu Archdiocese through the Cebu Archdiocesan Commission on Environmental Concerns (CACEC), will now take an active role in the conservation of Tanon Strait.

    CACEC chair Fr. Murphy Sarsonas bared plans to create a parish-based environmental action group that will help spread the word on the need to preserve and clean Cebu?s coastal environment.

    A memorandum of agreement between the Cebu Archdiocese and nongovernment organizations (NGO) for the protection of Tanon Strait was signed yesterday by Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, Atty. Gloria Estenzo-Ramos, vice president for the Philippines ...

  • Protecting Tanon Strait

    Protecting Tanon Strait

    One of the countrys major municipal fishing grounds and home to amazing creatures of the sea in the Visayas, the Tanon Strait Protected Seascape (TSPS), is getting the much-needed boost from various stakeholders.

    Collectively known as "Protectors of Tanon Strait" the alliance of national government agencies, local governments, law-enforcement agencies, non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations linked arms once more literally and figuratively speaking to ensure the sustainable management of the TSPS and ensure the strict enforcement of various environmental laws, inclu ...

  • Conserving Tanon Strait

    The formal announcement of the start of the three-month closed sea on fishing in the Visayan sea from Nov. 15, 2017 to Feb. 15, 2018 is a welcome development in the efforts to give marine resources the opportunity to recover from the continuous onslaught on the harvest of marine resources to feed the population, as well as, generate return on investments.Tanon Strait is located between Cebu Island and Negros Island and connects the Bohol Sea in the south and the Visayan Sea in the north.

    The fishing ban covers commercial fishing but not marginal fishermen and is imposed to allow the fish to ...

  • Philippine Seas A Documentary By Atom Araullo Full Episode

    Tinuturing ang Pilipinas bilang center of marine biodiversity sa buong mundo. Ngunit sa likod ng hindi matatawarang yaman ng ating karagatan, samu't saring problema rin ang kinakaharap nito. Samahan si Atom Araullo na sisirin ang mga karagatan sa Pilipinas upang alamin ang kasalukuyang estado nito.

  • Protectors Of Tanon Strait Vow Renewed Drive Vs Illegal Fishing

    Protectors Of Tanon Strait Vow Renewed Drive Vs Illegal Fishing

    As the three-month-long closed fishing season in the Visayan Sea for sardines, herring and mackerel began on November 15, protectors of the Tanon Strait vowed to intensify the campaign against illegal commercial fishing activities within the Tanon Strait Protected Seascape (TSPS).

    The closed fishing season in the Visayan Sea covers commercial fishing and will not affect the livelihood of small fishermen, Nathaniel Lucero, officer in charge of the Provincial Fisheries Office of Negros Oriental told reporters at a recent news conference.

    Various stakeholders that include the Department of ...