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  • Northbound Fun Going To Guiwanon Cold Spring

    Guiwanon Spring is located in Tabogon, Cebu. The spring comes from beneath the pool and the water is brackish since it is adjoining the sea.

  • Cold Spring In Guiwanon Tabogon Cebu

    Guiwanon Cold Spring has this virgin nature's beauty that is stooped down by a large "balete" tree ( this also gives shade to the spring making it cool and cold).

  • Tabogon Trans Guiwanon Cold Spring

    Tabogon Trans Guiwanon Cold Spring

    We were on our merry way to Daanbantayan to attend friend's wedding when we chanced upon Guiwanon Cold Spring. We did not pass through Sogod which the regular busses would pass by. We took a detour on a road at the right side right after the church which leads to Bogo.

    Guiwanon Cold Spring is frequented by locals near the area. It is mostly quiet during the weekdays but during the weekends, there are a lot of people coming in to enjoy the water.

    It is flocked for its cold and crystal clear water. It was both a deep and shallow part which is good for those who can't swim.

    Aside from th ...

  • The Guiwanon Cold Spring

    The Guiwanon Cold Spring

    I have been saying this before on my previous blog posts but let me say it once again, Cebu isn't just about beaches and the ocean but it more to offer, that of which includes cold springs.

    Because of the heavy climate change which had affected our earth's atmosphere and the sea levels, most of us are looking for ways to enjoy summer without getting sunburned! I know how that really hurts because when we had our summer holiday at Bantayan's Virgin Island, my husband who had fun snorkeling around, feeling nothing until he got out of the water, got a second degree sun burn. He had to endure i ...

  • Enchanting Guiwanon Cold Spring Tabogon Cebu

    Enchanting Guiwanon Cold Spring Tabogon Cebu

    Something enchanting ??" this is the first thing that came into my mind upon reaching the cold spring in Tabogon, northern part of Cebu. My husband and I were invited by the in laws to visit their home town's fiesta. Out of courtesy, we both agreed plus my husband is also interested in checking out their roosters since he is a gamefowl breeder enthusiast.

    Before reaching, I was able to pay a fast research on what this town has to offer since we rarely visit this part of the province. I learned that there are beautiful cliff beach resorts here but we don't have enough time to check those one ...