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  • Binaliw Spring Of Sogod

    Binaliw Spring Of Sogod

    Sogod has many beautiful spot but one of the most visited spot here is the Binaliw Spring which is located at Bagatayam, Sogod, Cebu. Why? It is because this place is not only a paradise but also considered as miraculous. It was believed as miraculous because it was believed that the water here can heal sickness. It has even had a holy place where you can pray.

    Binaliw Spring is not just a holy place but it is also a place where you can relax from a stressful week of work or study. It's like a hidden paradise where you can enjoy the nature of God.

    The cold water in the river will absolut ...

  • Bagatayam Falls Cebu

    Bagatayam Falls Near Carmen, Cebu, Philippines.

  • Good Bagatayam Falls In Sogod

    Good Bagatayam Falls In Sogod

    So good Bagatayam Falls

    Bagatayam Falls is one of the waterfalls located in the northern part of Cebu Province, Philippines.

    Specifically, Bagatayam is freely flowing in the Municipality of Sogod, Cebu. The whole municipality, including Barangay Bagatayam, is inhabited by over ten thousand locals who are used to seeing visitors.

    In this part of the province, you'll discover a number of falls, including the rumored mystical Binaliw Spring.


    Nothing really. It is just an ordinary falls, a mini falls with normal fresh water flowing through creating ...

  • Binaliw Spring of Sogod Town

    Interesting Binaliw Spring

    In the north-eastern part of Cebu Province, Philippines one can find this popular shallow spring and has become one of the attractions for some reasons.

    Many rumors have it that the water oozing out from the mouth of the falls (used to be) has an extraordinary 'healing powers'.

    The site attracts many visitors from various places in the province and other regions for various reasons: to enjoy the cold spring water or to get healed from some form of illnesses.

    Anyhow, in this page we can only talk more about the spring's natural beauty and its surrounding n ...

  • Binaliw Cold Spring in Cebu

    Binaliw Cold Spring in Sogod, Cebu.

  • The Beginning Panagsogod Festival Of Sogod

    The Beginning Panagsogod Festival Of Sogod

    Panagsogod Festival is a celebration priority are traces back the roots of the Municipality of Sogod where the white sands stretching far from the North really began. Sogod is also said as the place where the borderline of black and white beaches in Northern Cebu.

    This Festival is honored to the patron saint of Sogoranon St. James the Apostle and is celebrated every 25th of July.

    The Panagsogod Festival is a fun celebrat to the core of the main event. Dancers dressed in colorful costumes showcases Sogod's rich cultural heritage and natural wonders.

    The essence of the festival is more ...