Sirao Flower Garden

Cebu City, Cebu

Sirao Flower Garden, also known as Celosia Flower Farm, is managed and owned by Maria Elena Sy Chua, reopened its doors to selfie-hungry tourists with more varieties of flowers and souvenir items that were brought in by Chua from her recent travel to Amsterdam.It is located in Cebu City, Cebu.

Sirao Celosia Flower Garden News

  • Little Amsterdam In Cebu Philippines Vlog 13

    In this DITLO*, we head to Sirao Garden in Cebu aka Little Amsterdam, then head to Tops to see the view of Cebu City from above. The Temple of Leah reminded me of the Trevi Fountain in Rome for more reasons than one, and of course we end the vlog in a mall.

  • Flower Gardens In Cebu: Should You Visit These Flower Farms?

    Flower Gardens In Cebu: Should You Visit These Flower Farms?

    Apart from all the beautiful waterfalls and beaches in Cebu, the province also have beautiful flower farms. Does Sirao Garden ring a bell? Check this post for a list of flower gardens in Cebu!

  • Cebu Adventures Philippines

    Summer 18'
    Good to be back in the Philippines and exploring more of its beautiful treasures with the family.

    It consisted of 3 jam packed days.

    Day 1:
    - Sirao Garden
    - Temple of Lea
    - Taoist Temple
    - Sto. Nino Church
    - Fort San Pedro
    - 10,000 Roses

    Day 2:
    - Osmena Peak
    - Canyoneering Adventure
    - Kawasan Falls

    Day 3:
    - Oslob Whale Shark Watching
    - Tumalog Falls
    - Sumilon Sandbar/Island
    - Moalball tour
    Island Hopping - Swimming with Sardines & Turtles

  • Sirao Garden: 2nd Visit To Little Amsterdam Of Cebu

    Sirao Garden: 2nd Visit To Little Amsterdam Of Cebu

    The Little Amsterdam of Cebu - that's how other people would view Sirao Flower Garden. So what made it become the Little Amsterdam? It's because of the celosia flowers! I got the chance to visit Sirao Garden this year and this time, I was able to visit as early as 6AM! (Check the blog post to know more about the first time I visited Sirao). Read on as I share the changes I have noticed to this famous flower farm in Cebu!!

  • See You In Cebu: A Three-Day Barkada Material Itinerary

    See You In Cebu: A Three-Day Barkada Material Itinerary

    There isnt any real specific season for travelling, you can travel at any time of the year, but the best ones are always with your buddies. Were sure that your barkada has been itching to make plans and get out of the city at the most convenient availability for everyone. We know how it goes. Its hard to find the time, choose the place, and when you do, you cant be away for too long. But if youve chosen Cebu as your next destination, then keep calm, we already have an itinerary for you. The best part? Youll only need three days.

  • Sirao Flower Garden The Little Amsterdam Of Cebu

    Dubbed as the mini -Amsterdam of Cebu, Sirao Flower Garden is one of the most visit attractions in Cebu. A huge part of the Garden is blooming with Celosia flowers which comes in yellow, fuschia, and orange; and is surprisingly creating a surreal landscape.

    Eventhough there were some parts that was bare because they just harvested, you can?t deny the fact that the place is already gaining prominence with its vivid hues and incredible floral landscape that is to watch for in the Ber-months.