San Vicente Marine Sanctuary

Cordoba, Cebu

San Vicente Marine Fish Sanctuary Olango Island is part of the Olangi Island group and is considered one of the most extensive reef areas in the Central Visayas. A total of 4,482 hectares of extensive sandy beach, rocky shoreline, inshore flats, seagrass beds, coral reefs, mangrove forest, mudflats, and salt marsh grass surround Olango and its satellite islets.

San Vicente Marine Fish Sanctuary Olango Island News

  • Snorkeling In San Vicente Marine Sanctuary

    Snorkeling In San Vicente Marine Sanctuary

    This has become a yearly habit! The first I went to Olango Island in 2015, it involved a lot of biking under the heat of the sun. Last year, it was a bit more relaxed, mostly just spent bird watching and taking photos of random things. When I went back in November 2017, it involved a lot of swimming and walking.

  • Solo Biking Around Olanggo Island Where Wild Hearts Go

    Solo Biking Around Olanggo Island Where Wild Hearts Go

    The heart has always been reputed as a fragile being caged behind the shatterproof ribs. It is delicate and should always be treated warmly as it easily gets bruised, wounded, and scarred. This is what we have come to believe when we got our hearts broken, heard stories of betrayal and dishonesty, saw in plain sight relationships falling apart. It is easy to believe; and much easier when emotions overpower us. But what we have forgotten was the fact taught to us by our Science teacher: the heart is circulatory muscle that pumps blood through our veins and arteries and provides the body with ox ...

  • Scuba Diving In Mactan Exploring Coral Gardens And A Curious Artifact

    Scuba Diving In Mactan Exploring Coral Gardens And A Curious Artifact

    At the center of tropical Visayas is Mactan Island??"our home??"along with its satellite Olango chain of islands. What makes this cluster so well known around the world? Well, aside from being a national transportation, industrial, and commercial hub, Mactan also hosts many lovely tourist attractions. The vibrant reefs surrounding the island and the Olango Chain are some of the best scuba diving destinations in the country.

    A friend of ours, Maxi, invited us to a weekend dive. We woke up early to an overcast, lightly rainy Sunday, which actually caused us a bit of trepidation. Not because o ...

  • Exploring San Vicente Marine Sanctuary

    Exploring San Vicente Marine Sanctuary

    From Tungasan Boardwalk, the next destination in our biking escapade was the San Vicente Marine Sanctuary. I don't know how long it took us to get there from Barangay Tungasan, but I'm pretty sure it was worth the sweat, butt aches, and scratches.

    When we arrived at San Vicente Marine Sanctuary, we immediately hopped off our bikes, parked them, and met Kuya RR who was the staff in charge that time, and paid him the entrance fee of Php 25 each. We then headed on to the boardwalk (another boardwalk) which was quite long as well, leading us to the Marine Sanctuary.

    Along the way, we passed ...

  • San Vicente Marine Sanctuary Olango Island Cebu Philippines

    Discover the beautiful place of San Vicente Marine Sanctuary located in Cordoba, Cebu, Philippines.

  • Biking Around Olango Island

    Biking Around Olango Island

    One of the main reasons I decided to go back to Olango Island is to try going around the island with a bike. The first time I went there, I was with Sheen, we went around hiring tricycles and it cost us Php 120 ??" Php 150 per ride. So when I made our mini itinerary for Mel and I's trip, I made sure that we get to experience biking around Olango Island. Because really, going to Olango Island will never be complete without going around with a bike!

    When we arrived in Olango port, we rode a tricycle (since that was the only mode of transportation in the port) to get us to Candagsao Elementary ...