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  • Setting Free And Leaving Be

    I once asked a friend and diver for over a decade, why he loved being underwater when he couldn't talk to anyone. He said, "Because you get to swim amid many beautiful sea creatures and set your eyes on fascinating corals that most people only see on Discovery (Channel) or National Geographic."

    Aquatic beings might not feel the same way towards us humans, though, specially when we start poking around and invading their homes, or scooping them into nets. But, with more than 50 % of municipalities and cities in the Philippines situated in coastal zones, it is understandable that the seas prov ...

  • San Remigio Lapyahan Festival

    San Remigio Lapyahan Festival

    The Municipality of San Remigio celebrates the Lapyahan Festival in cognizance of the Town Fiesta. Lapyahan means shoreline, symbolized the arrival of the development and progress in the midst of this proud town after a long wait, when then it's a venue of community where posted to guard the town or a stronghold when the Moro depredators were sighted. Laterally Lapyahan describes the unique feature of San Remigio for having the longest shoreline in Cebu Province with ala Boracay white beaches enough to taunt foreign and local tourists.

    The theme of this festival is a combination of Town's H ...

  • Lapyahan Festival In San Remigio

    Lapyahan Festival In San Remigio

    To support the growing popularity of volleyball and in celebration of the summer season, the municipality of San Remigio will hold its first Beach Volleyball Open on May 10 and 11 in coordination with the Gov. Gwen Garcia Unity Volleyball (GUV) Cup for Women and the Cebu Volleyball Association (Ceva). This two day tournament will serve as the kick off activity for San Remigio's First "Lapyahan" Festival, which will be celebrated on May 16. "This will be our way of promoting San Remigio.

    We have the longest beach front and white sand beaches in the entire province," Mayor Mariano Martinez sa ...

  • San Remigio Haven For Beach And Basket Lovers

    The view is straight out of a charming travel postcard powdery white sand, blue-kissed waves that sparkled under the summer sun, Crayola color painted bancas parked under tall, swaying coconut trees.

    One might say that the beaches in the town of San Remigio in Cebu look just like any other beach in the Philippines. But there's one fact that separates the shores of this fishing town from the others San Remigio has the longest coastline in the province of Cebu.

    The town's coastline is a 44 kilometer stretch of sugary sand that snakes along the northern edges of Cebu province. It's so long ...

  • Lapyahan Sa San Remigio

    Looking for a place where you can relax whole day? Or are you searching for a perfect hideaway where you,your friends and your family can have holiday and summer vacations? Well then there's only one answer to that question, San Remigio. Guys San Remigio is the perfect place to be!.

    Getting away from the polluted and stressful metropolis after a 3-4 hours bus ride northern part of cebu, no one would have thought about the surprise of the little town of San Remigio will give to its guests. San Remigio is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. San Remigio is located 10 ...

  • San Remigio Stronger After Yolanda

    San Remigio Stronger After Yolanda

    The San Juan Nepomuceno Parish Church in the town of San Remigio was severely devastated by typhoon Yolanda. Roofs were ripped off, glasses were shattered, and interiors not spared by the wrath of typhoon Yolanda, the strongest typhoon that hit the world in 2013.

    On May 16, 2014, six months after the super typhoon struck the Visayas, San Remigio residents gathered in front of their parish church. Excitement, laughter and festivity filled the air. That day, they celebrated their annual fiesta highlighted with their colorful and jovial dancing called the Lapyahan Festival.

    Their church, wh ...