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  • Quick Dip In Clear Water Of Cavern Timubo Cave

    Where in the world can you have the unique experience of swimming in the crystal clear waters of a cavern? I don't know of any other places, but if you live in or travel to the Philippines, Timubo Cave on Camotes Islands is the place to go for this one-of-a-kind and refreshing adventure. The Camotes Islands are located in the Camotes Sea, east of the island of Cebu and southwest of Leyte Island, very "laid back", picturesque, and peaceful, non-touristy, and very accessible to residents of or tourists in Cebu City.

    Timubo Cave is located in/near Sonog town on San Francisco Island, Camote ...

  • Quick Castaway In Lost Horizon Of The South Tulang Diot Camotes Island

    Tulang Island is a part of the Camotes Islands located in the province of Cebu. Located east of Cebu Island and west of Leyte Island.

    Tulang is a part of brgy Esperanza in the municipality of San Francisco. Tulang islet is known locally as Tulang Diot; it is a five-minute boat ride from Tulang Dako, on the main island of Pacijan.

    Tulang Daku (still part of San Francisco) has a twin island, Tulang Diot, which literally means a small islet off of it. Although the beach front of Tulang Daku already very inviting, the sight of its smaller sister across was so tempting you'd be a fool not to ...

  • Kayaking At Danao Park

    Kayaking at Lake Danao Park also known as Pajican Island located in the municipality of San Francisco, Cebu.

  • Lake Danao Park

    Lake Danao is located in the northern part of Pacijan Island, one of Camotes Islands' smaller islands in Cebu Province.

    It takes around two hours to reach Camotes by boat, ferry, and other water crafts. If you came from Cebu City, it is preferable to take a ferry from the port of Danao in Cebu's mainland.

    The lake has a shape of a guitar whose park is the entry point in accessing the lake itself. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island.

    When I visited this place with my sister and brother-in-law, the place was quiet since it was not season, but started to get n ...

  • Camotes Islands The Majestic Pride Of Eastern Cebu

    Mother nature never fails to amaze me she has her natural way of stunning people in awe and amazement. Our world is spontaneously carved by her charm and unquestionable beauty.

    An example of those wonders are the islands of Camotes. Located in the eastern part of Cebu, Philippines. Sometimes known as the "Lost Horizon of the South". Legend says that it was named "Camotes" when the Spaniards asked the locals what are the name of the islands, but instead of telling its names the natives replied camotes (sweet potatoes) because they thought that the spanish was asking what they were digging. A ...

  • Playful Waves At Mangodlong Beach Camotes Island Cebu

    Whilst I had mentioned before that my favorite beach resort in Camotes is the Buho Rock, there are also lots of other beach resorts in the island which offer white shore line, kayaking activities and the playful waves! I am referring to this resort they call as Mangodlong Beach.

    Thankful for the company which had given us travel budgets as we were able to explore the Camotes Island. This resort was second to our itinerary. Just a few minutes from the main town and ports of San Francisco, this huge resort can be spotted. It has a wide area of two hectares which have been covered with coconu ...