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  • The Hidden Waterfall In San Fernando

    The Hidden Waterfall In San Fernando

    San Fernando may not be as popular among tourists compared to Dalaguete, Alcoy, Oslob, Badian, and the other go-to spots in the south of Cebu, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to see here.

    Honestly, I used to think that San Fernando was just a passage way for the more scenic spots down south. Little did I know that the first time I'd spend my time here, I would like it very much. In my previous post, I talked about Bacalla Woods Campsite. Now, it's time for the real highlight of the trip-the trek to the hidden waterfall!

    The two more known waterfalls in the municipality are Busay Fa ...

  • Hammocks And Happiness At Bacalla Woods

    Hammocks And Happiness At Bacalla Woods

    Have you found a place where you can just unplug from the digital world?

    These days, we usually find it difficult to unplug ourselves from social media. We spend hours in front of the computer at work, and we spend even more hours on social media after. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are all so addicting. Admittedly, I am hooked on these as well. While social media may be a great way to connect with people who are far away from us, it tends to create a distance between us and the people around us, and even disconnect us from the real world. As we become too consumed by technolog ...

  • A Taste Of That Natural High

    A Taste Of That Natural High

    After living in the city for some time, there is a yearning to go back to nature; to smell the earth and the flowers, to ponder in the glory of creation at the sight of a grove of trees, a mountain peak, a waterfall. One wonders: where does one go for such an experience? Fortunately, there are places like the Bacalla Camp Site, not too far from the city.

    Located at San Fernando, Sitio Libo, Barangay Ilaya, the camp site is four kilometers up from the main road but the road is paved well enough for vehicles to pass.

    From here, one can go river trekking to Tananas in Barangay San Isidro, o ...

  • Jumping Up And Down The Waterfalls In San Fernando

    Jumping Up And Down The Waterfalls In San Fernando

    Several days ago, I asked some of my friends who are born and raised in San Fernando if they have heard or if they have been to the waterfalls in their town. Out of the two people I've asked, none of them had any idea. The waterfalls seem non-existent. I tried searching in Google and there are zero results. On how I heard about it, I came across this blog with a listing of all the waterfalls in Cebu. Sadly, there weren't any directions, just the name and the town on where it can be found. Like a puzzle where you're left with clues and you have to figure it out on your own. That's what we did. ...

  • Busay Falls San Fernando Cebu

    We got lost a lot of times but we were able to see Busay Falls. A weekend adventure with amazing friends. 10.17.2015

    Check out how we get there at