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  • Aguinid Falls And The 8 Levels Of Exhilarating Adventure

    Aguinid Falls And The 8 Levels Of Exhilarating Adventure

    Aguinid Falls is one of the best places where you can immerse with the beauty of nature and at the same time experience that tingling rush of adrenaline. Tucked in the beautiful town of Samboan in the South of Cebu, Aguinid Falls offers a different take to your usual adventure. This rarely spoken jewel has 8 levels of cascading waters which you need to pass through in order to get to the top. It's like hiking a mountain but instead of the usual forested trail, you will encounter gushing water as another obstacle which is essentially a factor to spice things up.

    Unlike the more famous canyon ...

  • Dao Falls And Kawasan Falls In Cebu Philippines

    Dao Falls was about a 30 minute hike and well worth it. It was amazing. Kawasan falls (actual falls not shown on this trip, but last year). There were too many people and the charged too much just to get to a table to see the falls.

  • Calasa Falls An Accidental Discovery

    Calasa Falls An Accidental Discovery

    After my stop in the quiet little town of Boljoon (Ili Rock Viewing Deck) and a quick lunch in Oslob, I was on my way to the town of Moalboal for some much-needed swim. The trip was going to be a long one as Moalboal is basically eight towns away. And I was certain that I'd be doing several stops along the way because that's how I roll. Haha.

    Anyway, as I was driving through the town of Santander and towards the town center of Samboan, I made sure to reduce my speed to make sure that I didn't miss any road-side signs. You see, road-side signs are very helpful. Thanks to them, I discovered s ...

  • Cebu In 72 Hours Philippines

    Celebrating Sinulog Festival & climbing the Aguinid waterfalls!

  • Aguinid Falls Samboan Cebu Philippines Jerome Gascon

    Aguinid Falls, Samboan. Cebu, Philippines.

    Aguinid Falls is an interesting waterfall with five tiers. It is a favorite natural attraction for locals and adventurers who want to discover challenging but attractive.

  • Ponong Lake A Hidden Jewel Of Samboan

    Ponong Lake A Hidden Jewel Of Samboan

    When we think of Samboan, what comes to our mind are the number of majestic waterfalls you can find in this place. What most people do not know is that there is another gorgeous destination that is somehow hidden in this sleepy town. It's a beautiful lagoon called Ponong Lake.

    Now, just a heads up, Ponong Lake is actually not a lake. I don't know why they called it a lake, but it is actually a lagoon in Barangay Poblacion, Samboan. It is situated near the sea, so 90 percent of the water coming into this lagoon is saltwater.

    In order for you to fully enjoy your stay, you can ride one the ...