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  • Finding Lusno Falls In Ronda Cebu Philippines

    Finding Lusno Falls In Ronda Cebu Philippines

    There is no more doubt in my mind that Cebu is home to numerous waterfalls and I stumbled upon another one together with my cousins and sister. Another not-so-mainstream yet equally notable waterfalls in the island of Cebu is called Lusno Falls located in the town of Ronda, Cebu, Philippines.

    The Lusno Falls in Ronda has no entrance fee and is also quite a distance from the national road. Asking our habal-habal driver as well as the locals, we found out that this beautiful natural wonder is actually near the border between Ronda and Argao already!

    Its untouched beauty will definitely be ...

  • Exploring Cebu Lusno Falls In Ronda

    These are on the road between Ronda and Argao. Approximately 30 minutes motorbike ride from the highway in Ronda.

  • Lusno Falls In Ronda Cebu

    The breathtaking beauty of Lusno Falls in Ronda, Cebu.

  • Lusno Falls  A Hidden Paradise In The Midst  Of Two Towns

    Lusno Falls A Hidden Paradise In The Midst Of Two Towns

    Should I give up or should I keep on Chasing Waterfalls, Oh Definitely!.

    Well, this time I am wandering again and I'll take you to one hidden paradise in the South, Lusno Falls!.

    After meeting Ate Jai, my companion for this Chasing Waterfalls episode, at the South Bus Terminal early in the morning on Sunday, we took the 7 am non-air conditioned bus to Ronda for 105.00 Php. As we traveled along the southern road, the sun extended its rays on the bus window showing its radiance and majesty. I was so grateful, so grateful, that finally the weather was fine after a stormy week. Oh well, I sh ...

  • Ronda Lusno Falls

    Ronda Lusno Falls

    About 9:30 am, we already left and headed to Ronda to go to Lusno Falls as planned last night.

    Upon arrival, we dropped by the police station first to leave our stuff so we could have a hassle free motorcycle ride going to Brgy. Anajao. According to chasingpotatoes, fare from the market to Brgy. Anajao should be about Php75 but the local drivers kept arguing that it was Php 100 each person. But you know what we figured out? The drivers were lying. We talked to some locals there and they said it was only Php70. We could have saved at least Php 60 and that could have been 2 liters of bottled ...

  • Falling For Lusno Falls

    Falling For Lusno Falls

    To tell you the truth, finding Ronda's Lusno Falls wasn't easy. Alegria's Cambais Falls was hard, but Lusno really takes the cake.

    Although Lusno Falls is located in Ronda, a lot of people that we asked on our way swore that it is in Argao. In fact, the road-side sign which tells you where to make a turn, indicates that that sign is in Argao. Pretty confusing, I must say. The only plausible explanation I could think of is that the actual waterfall is located at the very tip of the Ronda Argao border and the access/dirt road which leads you to the waterfall is basically already part of Argao ...