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  • Maria In The Island, San Francisco Camotes, Choose Philippines

    Sometimes we forget to appreciate the little things around us that has a great impact on our lives!

    Been travelling to this paradise in a remote island of Cebu . Few have known that paradise is within the reach of everyone in this beautiful island. Almost 2-hour boat ride from the mainland of Cebu is San Francisco Camotes, Philippines! A laid back island with less people no sky rise buildings, no shopping malls, and almost no mobile signal. There are places where it's a complete out of service area. And no wifi or almost no internet.

    It's truly a paradise, a complete different from your ...

  • The Charm Of Camotes Islands The Sea And The Caves Cement Our Camaraderie

    Camotes Island has been pinned in my travel list for a long time already.

    The travel advisories from different embassies directed to many tourist destinations in Visayas immediately before our travel date scared me, but in the long run, my itchy feet prevailed. Squeezed after a work-related convention in Cebu, a two-day escapade was just a perfect fit.

    Why Camotes Island? Listen, the sound of its name alone evokes a laidback rustic white sandy beach scenario free from intruding crowd. I am happy to feedback that the reality of Camotes was as genuinely exciting as the planning stage.


  • Exploring Camotes Island

    Exploring Camotes Island

    Okay, so here's a confession. I have endless wanderlust. In the last few years, however, I have been so caught up with my life that I consciously pushed aside into the deep recesses of my mind and heart some pleasures in order to keep up. I forgot the undeniable joy that travel brings me.

    But just as life forced me to tick off traveling from my priorities, it also allowed me to rediscover my love ??" or lust ??" for it, by giving me a job that allows me to travel for free. Being in the pharmaceutical industry, I had the privilege of going from one place to another either for business or lei ...

  • Camotes Island 2016

    Please take some time to watch the beauty of Camotes Island Cebu, Philippines.

  • Lost In Camotes Island

    Lost in a beautiful paradise called Camotes. Get lost with us!

  • Perfect For Summer In Buho Rock Camotes

    Perfect For Summer In Buho Rock Camotes

    When I think of summer, I also think of the beach, clear blue waters, cloudy and sunny skies, beach bums, beach shore white sand, sun blocks and beach wears. Summer is that time of the year where everyone is willing to spend time and money just to have that perfect tan! Summer means to get away!

    Almost everyone has a beach resort in mind and I can only think of Camotes Island's Buho Rock Resort right now. Few years back, my colleagues went for a two day adventure to Camotes Island. I tagged my husband with me who was my boyfriend at that time and boy, we just had a extreme beach time!

    O ...