Poro Island

Poro, Cebu

Poro Island is an island in the province of Cebu, located east of Cebu Island and west of Leyte Island. Two municipalities, Poro and Tudela, are located on Poro Island. It is one of the four Camotes Islands along with Pacijan Island, Ponson Island, and Tulang Island.

Bukilat Cave is a large natural cavern in the southeastern part of the island. Because of naturally formed piercings ...

in its canopy, the interior is well illuminated. There are many stalactites and stalagmites.

The cave served as shelter for the people living in the island from the Japanese invaders during World War II. Hidden treasures are rumoured to be scattered throughout the area.

Sometimes known as the "Lost Horizon of the south", within recent years Camotes has seen increased visitors and tourism and a growing expatriate community.  Wiki

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  • The Story Of Camotes

    The Story Of Camotes

    The Loch Ness Monster, also known as Nessie, though accepted as a myth, has been lingering in the minds of many for years.

    Despite numerous attempts of settling this controversy, there are still those who believe that magnificent creatures like Nessie may be living beneath the wide cover of lakes, trenches and the deep blue sea, and I, for one, am certain, that I've seen one of Nessie's cousins while visiting the islands of Camotes.

    Located a few kilometers away from Cebu is the Lost Horizon in the South, also known as the province of Camotes. It is composed of four islands, namely, Paci ...

  • Trip to Mactang Historical Beach Poro Camotes Island Cebu Philippines

    Trip to Mactang Historical Beach Poro Camotes Island Cebu Philippines

    I went with my neighbors on a 4-day vacation at Mactang, Esperanza, Poro, Cebu to attend the local festival of the sitio's patron saint, St. Vincent Ferrer on April 23. Mactang is where my neighbors hailed from and I'm curious of how the place looks like so I went with them like on an immersion trip.

    I didn't go that far (i.e. I wasn't able to travel much) because of my limited cash but I was able to swim the nearest beach, which is nice. I'm not a fan of coastal areas as those places tend to be plain in geography and I have a thing for mountains with their panoramic views but one could nev ...

  • Of nature stars and fireflies Camotes interlude

    Of nature stars and fireflies Camotes interlude

    There was an urgency in the mother's invitation that won over her daughter's reluctance for a twilight dip. The streak of pastel above the skyline faded into the balmy landscape below, cordoned by a stellar canopy. The silhouettes waded into the artificial blue that stretched into the endless dark.

    I was at the opposite corner of the pool, counting flying objects in silence, the way a child counts sheep at bedtime. Amused.

    I remembered the childish wish of an elderly balikbayan from California on the bus ride earlier. At 66, Jimmy still longed to see fireflies. I wanted to tell him that ...

  • Camotes Islands

    Camotes Islands

    Being an archipelago, the Philippines boast a great many islands where nature is still at full bloom, and where there are many fascinating sights left to be explored. Of these, the Camotes Islands are among som of the more interesting ones, with many features to leave the visitor in amazement. Once known as the "Lost Horizon of the South," the Camotes has seen increased visitors and tourism especially over the past years, with a growing expatriate community.

    As for the origin of the name, when the Spanish first arrived they asked the locals what was the name of the island and the locals tho ...

  • Finding Solace in Camotes

    Finding Solace in Camotes

    There is a constant discovering of one's sense of self to traveling. When I was invited to join a Camotes sojourn, I accepted it mainly to be free of all impediments and of all inconveniences. It is sometimes rejuvenating to get rid of others - far from noisy vendors, jeepneys competing for passengers, strikes, rush-hour traffic, and people who find home along Colon Street. In the island, which is known as "The Lost Horizon in the South", the abundance of natural beauty was company enough for me.

    Camotes, about three-hour northeast of Cebu, is worth the visit and the memory. It is a more re ...