Ponong Hidden Lake

Samboan, Cebu

Ponong Hidden Lake is not actually a lake, but a type of a closed lagoon. Its water is brackish. It is unique in the sense that here is where a certain kind of bird - the "manolong" - dives into its salty waters and stays under for a long time in order to escape the hunters. Also near the Poblacion (town center) at the hilly portion lies Calina-ay where you can also take a deep swim in the cool la ...


Ponong Hidden Lake News

  • Ponong Lake A Hidden Jewel Of Samboan

    Ponong Lake A Hidden Jewel Of Samboan

    When we think of Samboan, what comes to our mind are the number of majestic waterfalls you can find in this place. What most people do not know is that there is another gorgeous destination that is somehow hidden in this sleepy town. It's a beautiful lagoon called Ponong Lake.

    Now, just a heads up, Ponong Lake is actually not a lake. I don't know why they called it a lake, but it is actually a lagoon in Barangay Poblacion, Samboan. It is situated near the sea, so 90 percent of the water coming into this lagoon is saltwater.

    In order for you to fully enjoy your stay, you can ride one the ...

  • Ponong Hidden Lake In Samboan

    Ponong Hidden Lake In Samboan

    Aside from the remarkable waterfalls and well-maintained marine sanctuary, Samboan also has a lake hidden behind dense palms and mangroves. The Ponong Hidden Lake is so hidden that some residents of Samboan have yet to visit the place. The local government of Samboan is planning to introduce fishing as an activity at the lake, which has brackish water due to saltwater intrusion.

    But, strictly speaking the Ponong Hidden Lake can be considered as a closed lagoon rather than a lake. It was recently introduced as a new tourist destination in the municipality of Samboan. It is also a place for a ...

  • Binalayan Hidden Falls Three Flows Of Magic Beauty And Charm

    Binalayan Hidden Falls Three Flows Of Magic Beauty And Charm

    "Beautiful things don't ask for attention," adventurer-photojournalist Sean O'Connell told Life negative assets manager Walter Mitty after seeing a magnificent but rare snow leopard through his camera. It may be just a quote from the 2013 adventure-comedy-drama movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. But the phrase rings true in real life??"and in many destinations. The municipality of Samboan has its own gorgeous hidden wonder called Binalayan Falls in Barangay Bonbon.

    With an established dirt trail and a steady influx of visitors, Binalayan Falls, popularly known as Hidden Falls and the th ...

  • South Cebu Adventure Aguinid Bonbon And Dao Waterfalls In Samboan

    South Cebu Adventure Aguinid Bonbon And Dao Waterfalls In Samboan

    I went to Cebu last August 2014 but, it was just a quick visit to Oslob for some whale-shark watching. So I decided to go back and have an adventure in the southern part. First on my list is the waterfalls in Samboan.

    How to get there

    Samboan is a small town on a hill near the coast, around 150 KM from Cebu City. It is the second southernmost town in Cebu where you can also see Dumaguete. Aside from Samboan, you can also check out Ginatilan and Malabuyoc for other waterfalls.

    From Cebu
    Ride a Ceres bus bound to Bato via Barili in South Terminal then ask the conductor to drop you off ...

  • 19 Samboan Attractions That Make It a Top Cebu Destination

    19 Samboan Attractions That Make It a Top Cebu Destination

    With several waterfalls thriving in the hills and forested areas of Samboan, no doubt a journey to this humble town begins and ends with a splash.

    It's not always about the quantity, of course, but talk about flowing waters ??" from loud, shallow currents to inviting hushed cascades ??" it's on these God-given gifts that Samboan's strength as a travel destination rests.

    Complementing these natural wonders are heritage structures that can magically transport visitors to colonial times. As one of Cebu's oldest settlement grounds, Samboan plays host to various heritage sites echoing its glo ...