Pilar News

  • The Pilar Municipal Marine Park

    In 2009 the Pilar Marine Park in the Municipality of Pilar was awarded the prestigious “Most outstanding Marine Protected Area of the Philippines” prize by the MPA Support Network (MSN) and its partners for being the most effectively managed marine protected area which applied to the awards.

    The Pilar Municipal Marine Park (PMMP), located in the Camotes Sea, consists of a 30 hectares sanctuary which benefits from complete protection and a 149 hectares reserve where less invasive methods such as gleaning, hook and line and spear fishing are still allowed but any net fishing is not.

    Ma ...

  • The MPA Awards And Recognition

    Twelve coastal municipalities were recognized for good governance in managing and sustaining marine protected areas (MPA) at the start of the 3-day 2nd Conference of Coastal Municipalities of the Philippines last June 28. Chosen from 70 nominees across the country, the 12 municipalities went through a selection process that considered the size of the MPA (minimum of 20 ha), the presence of strong community involvement, effective enforcement, and the degree of cooperation between the local government, volunteers and local community.

    The search, called the MPA Awards and Recognition (MAR), is ...

  • Everybody Needs To Walk The Talk And Do

    Hazel Arceo, CRM Coordinator of EcoGov, explains that “When fishers walk their talk, it is a very powerful deterrent to their fellow fishers who may be inclined to destructive practices. One sees in the fish wardens of Pilar a strong commitment to make their efforts bear fruit and slowly they are being rewarded for their efforts through healthier habitats that yield more fish for them and their families.”

    Arceo expresses “a great hope in what Pilar can do to reverse the decline in the status of their coastal and marine habitats.” “Pilar has what it takes to ensure that there will ...

  • Pilar Seeks Text Votes To Win NatGeo Con

    The municipality of Pilar in Camotes Island needs your help in winning an environment-themed contest that will showcase their ecology projects to the world.

    During yesterday’s Weekly Kapihan forum, Pilar Mayor Jesus Fernandez Jr. asked Cebuanos to vote for Pilar town in the Global Solution Search, a contest spearheaded by Rare.org and National Geographic’s Solution Search.

    The winner of the search will receive a $20,000 cash prize.

    “We joined the contest not only so we can share our projects to marine conservation practitioners but also to encourage more people to do more for ou ...