Pescador Island

Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Pescador Island is an island located in the Tanon Strait, a few kilometres from the western coast of the island of Cebu in the Philippines. It is governed by the municipality of Moalboal, Cebu.

The island derives its name from the Philippines' Spanish colonial heritage and the abundance of fish living on the surrounding coral reef, and the many fishermen that fish them. The rich mar ...

ine life also attracts recreational divers from the many dive operations in nearby Panagsama.

The warm waters of the Philippines harbour a very rich marine life, with over 2,500 species of fish, and many of these are also found around Pescador island, contributing to the island being so popular with recreational divers. A rather more unusual part of the Pescador island biodiversity is the large school of sardines that have made the relative sanctuary of the reef its home.

As Pescador Island is a marine park, dive shops are required to pay a fee for each diver they bring to the island. Proceeds from entrance fees are managed by the Municipality of Moalboal and Moalboal Dive Center Association (MDCA) towards the finance of a number of conservation programs in the municipality. These programs include patrols and enforcement to abolish destructive fishing, village improvement programs, collection and disposal of plastic and other wastes entering the local waters, marine conservation education of village children and adults, and reef and mangrove rehabilitation.  Wiki

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  • Moalboals Best Pescador Island And Sardines Run

    Moalboals Best Pescador Island And Sardines Run

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    Moalboal Cebu Basdaku And Pescador Island

    Spontaneous unplanned trips are always the best. The adrenaline rush of going somewhere random by impulse is a perfect weekend getaway.

  • Pescador Island The Chime Of Moalboal And Tanon Strait

    Pescador Island The Chime Of Moalboal And Tanon Strait

    Naturalist and preservationist John Muir famously said, The mountains are calling, so I must go. The same goes for the sea. The siren call of the deep blue world is difficult to resist. After all, the unimaginable beauty, mystery, and danger under the waves captivates the mind. In many ways, that call originates from a simple, unassuming island, islet, or sandbar. In Moalboal, Cebu, the song of the sea emanates from rocky Pescador Island.

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  • Diving Adventure At Pescador Island Moalboal Cebu Itinerary Budget And Tips

    Diving Adventure At Pescador Island Moalboal Cebu Itinerary Budget And Tips

    Pescador Island in Moalboal Cebu is one of the best Philippine beaches were great diving adventure awaits you.This small island in Cebu, Philippines is situated in the Tanon Strait which is famous for snorkeling, diving, and island hopping where you can see stunning and bountiful of marine life and majestic caverns. The island is one of the main attraction in Moalboal Cebu where you can have the opportunity to experience swimming with millions of fishes and interact with sea turtles.

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    7 Best Things To Do In Cebu

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