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  • Cebu Philippines Through Francis Ildefonsos Lenses

    Francis wrote, "The Island province known as the "Queen City of the South" surrounded by its white beaches and crystal waters. Host to the majestic "Butanding" making it a top diving spot. Its rich cultural heritage and history transcends back to the Spanish Golden Age that culminates in its annual "Sinulog Festival" a testament of the Cebuanos warmth and hospitality.

  • Sumilon Island Sandbar, Cebu Philippines

    Sumilon Island Sandbar, early morning.

  • Shark Tales On Shark Week

    Shark Tales On Shark Week

    We have all seen or heard about it. It was the ultimate deterrent to enjoying a swim from the beach out to the open sea. Jaws.

    Since that movie came out in 1975, a whole generation grew up looking at the open ocean with suspicion. You couldn't literally hang your feet in the water without having a shiver down your spine at the thought of this great mouth ??" ringed with razor sharp teeth ??" shooting out from the depths to take a bite at you.

    After nearly 40 years, we now know that sharks are not the mindless man-eating predator we once believed them to be. It is actually the other way a ...

  • Tumalog Falls Oslob Cebu Philippines

    Tumalog Falls, is a natural attraction located in the Southwestern part of Cebu Province.

  • Why You Shouldnt Visit Oslob

    Why You Shouldnt Visit Oslob

    There's only one thing I can tell you about the town of Oslob in the Philippines: don't go. There is a tendency amongst travel bloggers to over romanticise, but I wouldn't want to lie to you. I'm taking inspiration from Paul Theroux, whose The Great Railway Bazaar might just qualify him as grumpiest travel writer ever, and telling you the honest truth not to bother.

    Oslob is situated on the south west coast of the island of Cebu. We approached it by boat from Panglao Island and it loomed magnificently on the horizon until it towered over us. A mountainous body expelled from the sea, it is t ...

  • Oslob, Philippines For A DAY Cebu To Dumaguete Travel

    Visit Oslob, Philippines for a day trip to swim with whale sharks and see the beautiful Tumalog Falls! Travel by bus and ferry from Cebu to Dumaguete.