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  • This Is Life Philippine Negros Island,Cebu

    We're not running, we're living. A constant reminder of us being free from everything.Just a sum of our adventure back in Philippines.

    I'm not pro or anything, but I hope you guys enjoy.-
    -Apo Island
    -Oslob whale Shark
    -Sumilon Island

  • Road Trip To Tumalog Falls Oslob Cebu Philippines

    After the Whale shark watching, we rented a Habal habal going to Tumalog falls. we were still soak wet. It was ok with the motorcycle driver. About 15mins ride. Then walk down going to the falls yet you have the option to ride another motorcycle/habal habal for your convenience. The habal habal will wait for you. Then we added some fare to bring us to Oslob heritage where the town proper of Oslob is.

  • A Day In Bluewater Sumilon Island A Travel Guide

    I got awake due to an alarm. It was a lazy dawn, and getting up was a bit of a challenge. The cold breeze blowing from the windows, the refreshing scent of my pillows, and the deafening silence where all conducive to a good sleep.

    I reached my noisy phone from the bedside, and then checked the alarm. A note stating, "Trip to Sumilon" was flashing with the vibration rhythm. That text, for some reason, fully woke me up. I could feel my body pumping some adrenaline.

    I was ready and all packed up in a matter of 30 minutes. I then grabbed my phone and booked a trip with Grab to our rendezvous ...

  • Day Trip To Sumilon Island Cebu Philippines

    Sumilon Island is located in South Cebu near Oslob and hosts the Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort. To reach the island you must ride a boat (oh really) from Oslob. The first boat leaves at 8AM.

    The pier is about one kilometer forward from the Oslob Whaleshark Watching. Up the hill and on the left. There's a lot of signs, you can't miss it.

    The entrance fee for a day trip is 1500 pesos, including snorkeling, pedal boating, trekking, free usage of the pool, and the most delicious lunch at the beach. Although they were bit skimpy with the Coke. In case you want to stay overnight the prices o ...

  • Sumilon Island Plus Granada Beach Cebu Philippines Drone Shots

    Day 3 in the Philippines. After spending one night in Oslob, we took a jeepney 30 minutes north and stayed at Granada Beach Resort in Boljoon. We spent the day relaxing around the resort and enjoying the private beach. This hotel is pretty small and secluded which is exactly what we needed to adjust to the jet lag that was starting to set in. The next morning we decided to venture out to Sumilon Island all on our own. After a small hiccup while riding the local bus (they didn't drop us off at the location we asked for) we found a tricycle who was willing to help us out. He led us to a small ro ...

  • Bluewater Sumilon Island

    You will never regret in choosing Cebu as your course of destination for a summer vacation. Aside from the prominent white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water of the island of Cebu, you will have a lot of options to go to whenever you want to avoid the crowded city.

    One best destination in the Queen City of the South is the glamorous Island of Sumilon. Situated on the South eastern tip of Cebu in the famous town of Oslob where you can also do a side trip to the whale shark watching. The 24-hectare coral island is best notable for its pristine white sand beaches. Its sandbar is known f ...