Oslob Whale Sharks

Oslob, Cebu

Oslob Whale Shark Watching Sanctuary is located in Oslob, Cebu. Whale sharks can be spotted in Tan-awan which is 10 kilometers from the center of the town. It has become a popular tourist attraction. Local fishermen feed the whale sharks by hand while tourists find it entertaining.

Oslob Whale Shark Watching Sanctuary News

  • Feeding The Worlds Largest Fidh, Impact Of Provisioning On Whale Shark Presence And Migration

    Feeding The Worlds Largest Fidh, Impact Of Provisioning On Whale Shark Presence And Migration

    A new paper from the Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines and the Centre for Integrative Ecology of Deakin University in Australia describes the effect of provisioning (attracting wildlife with food to facilitate human interaction) on the presence and migratory behaviour of the whale shark in Oslob, Cebu, Philippines. The provisioning operation which was started in 2011 by local operators, has attracted over 200 whale sharks to the coastal waters of Oslob and with it hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. However, this has come at a great cost for the ecosystem and th ...

  • Assignment Asia Swimming With Whale Sharks

    Whale shark tourism is a growing industry in the Philippines, attracting thousands of visitors and generating millions of dollars in income every year. But environmentalists say excessive interaction with humans and the practice of feeding the whale sharks are harming the endangered species. Barnaby Lo traveled to Oslob and Donsol, two coastal towns with different ways of giving people close encounters with the gentle giants of the sea.

  • Whale Sharks And Eco Tourism In The Philippines

    Whale Sharks And Eco Tourism In The Philippines

    When I was growing up I was adamant I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, I had posters on my walls of dolphins and other cetaceans. The sea and the ocean were a big part of my childhood growing up near the coast and rummaging around rock pools, catching crabs with my two brothers was entertainment.

    After deciding that finding actual work as a marine biologist might be a challenge I ventured down the path of pharmaceuticals and ended up studying pharmacology at university only to be turned off at the prospect of working for the pharmaceutical industry. My passion for the ocean however has neve ...

  • Our Favorite Island Siargao Philippines

    Taste of Philippines 2016! Part 3: Siargao Island

    Our favorite island in the Philippines - Siargao. Cloud 9 surfing spot, Magpupungko tidal pools, Dako, Guyam and Naked islands. A few clips from Oslob, Cebu also - whale sharks and the Kawasan falls.

    Featuring Merli Aron www.instagram.com/merlia
    directed by Priidu Null www.instagram.com/priidunull

    Siargao Island is episod 3 from our 2016 journey in the Philippines.

    We stayed in very cozy and friendly place with the best restaurant on the island of Siargao - Kermit Surf Resort. Best pizza and pasta I have had, lot of fun surfing, pa ...

  • Beautiful Philippines From The Eyes Of GoPro

    26 days in the amazing beautiful Philippines! Tried to capture the beauty of this country as much as possible. Met so many amazing people and saw so many stunning places. If you haven't been in the Philippines I highly recommend it!

    Hope you like the video and it gives you some inspiration. I'm still a beginner at premiere pro so feel free to give me tips and tricks do edit better.

    Camera: GoPro hero session
    Music: ROZES - Burn Wild (Young Bombs Remix)

    Thanks to:
    Vicky's Guesthouse
    Coron Backpackers guesthouse
    Island lyfe ink
    and all the amazing people we met that mad our travel ...

  • A Filipino Safari

    This year's travels brought me to Dumaguete twice, and it took on a safari theme. If in Africa, travelers hope to see the big five, i.e., the lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros, in Dumaguete, the quest is for whale sharks, dolphins and sea turtles.

    Swimming with whale sharks

    In August, my friends and I flew to Dumaguete and used it as our jump off point to Oslob, Cebu. After a quick lunch in the city, we caught a ferry from Sibulan Port to Liloan Port in Cebu. A van picked us up from the port and brought us to our hotel. This route was actually a much shorte ...