Obo-Ob Mangrove Forest

Bantayan, Cebu

Obo-Ob Mangrove Forest is a very large enchanting Mangrove park in Barangay Obo-ob in Bantayan Island, Cebu. It is also known as OMAGIECA which stands for Obo-ob Mangrove Garden Integrated Ecotourism and Conservation Association, a community-based eco-tourism initiative by the local government. One of the most famous tourist spot in the island of Bantayan. Aside from the different species of mangr ...

oves you can see lots of marine animals around the area.

Obo-Ob Mangrove Forest News

  • Road Tripping The Beautiful Bantayan Island

    Road Tripping The Beautiful Bantayan Island

    The sound of the blue waves lapping against the white seashore and a break of dawn welcomed our vessel as we approached the port of Sta. Fe in Bantayan Island. That moment then I realized and have set the bar that I'm gonna be having a blast on this vacation.

    I haven't had enough sleep that night because I started traveling since 11:45 PM from Cebu City. Transportation was so fast because it was midnight and there was no traffic. The people in the bus were surprised that it only took around 2 hours to travel from Cebu City to Hagnaya Port in San Remigio. Everyone then proceeded and bought e ...

  • Obo-Ob Mangrove Garden Lush Eco-tourism In Bantayan Island

    Obo-Ob Mangrove Garden Lush Eco-tourism In Bantayan Island

    Bantayan Island houses an area for mangrove preservation that is maintained and managed by the local organization named OMAGIECA. The Mangrove Garden in Obo-ob raises environmental awareness about how mangroves play a significant role in marine ecosystem. It contributes to the fisheries, coastal protection, erosion control and carbon sequestration.

    February 27, 2017 ??" Part of our second-day tour in Bantayan Island is the Mangrove Garden. After our adventures and misadventures in Paradise Beach, we took a quick trip to Obo-ob. From Sta. Fe, we passed by several towns until we reached Obo-o ...

  • Bantayan Island A 24-hour Budget Travel Guide

    Bantayan Island A 24-hour Budget Travel Guide

    Bantayan Island, a lovely patch of splendid things is situated north of Cebu and is the largest of the Bantayan Group Of Islands. It is consist of 3 municipalities namely Bantayan, Madridejos and Sta. Fe. This island which is 4 hours of land travel and an hour on the water offers one of the most breathtaking sights in all of Cebu Province. Long stretch of powdery white sand beaches and shimmering azure waters in Sta. Fe will instantly treat visitors to a grand welcome. Not only that it is a haven to beach lovers but the island itself is a paradise which showcases a plethora of hidden wonders f ...

  • Learn And Experience Something New In Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines

    Learn And Experience Something New In Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines

    When we talked about Bantayan Island. Obviously, what comes in your mind is a white sand beach. Lets admit it! Guys! Bantayan Island is not just all about beaches but they have got an Eco park where you can experience and learn something new. The Obo-ob Mangrove Eco Park.

    The Eco park has a bamboo walkway through the mangroves which makes for a refreshing stroll with good photo opportunities. You can also go kayaking or take a tour of the mangroves on a small boat.

    During my 90 minutes jaunt to this amazing Eco park. I was not able to grab the kayaking activity because it was low tide du ...

  • Bakhaw Deprives Seagrass Fauna Of Their Habitat

    Bakhaw Deprives Seagrass Fauna Of Their Habitat

    The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) ??" Bantayan chapter is not against planting of mangroves, but is against planting of bakhaw (Rhizophora species) on seagrass areas.

    Robert YbaƱez, who represented the chamber in a dialogue with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Bantayan last Tuesday, said the government's mangrove reforestation project in Bantayan has affected fishermen who rely on shell gleaning in the seagrasses. It has also obstructed the navigation lanes of the fishing boats.

    The chamber's call for DENR to stop planting mangroves on seagra ...

  • 11 Ways to Experience Bantayan to the Fullest

    11 Ways to Experience Bantayan to the Fullest

    I am not a well- founded writer, I am not even good in translating my thoughts into words and to express myself correctly for I don't have a rich vocabulary to aptly describe the ideas in my mind. Neither do I have profound ideas, great insight and creative concepts; but one thing is truly accurate, I love blogging.

    I am so fond of blogging that I just realized I have been sharing my perceptions by way of brief entries for almost a year and a quarter. This favorite pastime of mine has inspired me to live by the name of "The Wanderlust Keeper". I have the desire to go places and experience t ...