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  • Mount Naupa Camp Out

    NCR Trekkers trekking and camp out at Mt. Naupa, City of Naga, Cebu.

  • Mount Naupa A Comeback

    Mount Naupa A Comeback

    There's always a place in our heart that you always like to revisit. It's like going home to your sweet spot and feel like no other places in the world. Mt. Naupa, a perfect place near the city that gives you a feeling that makes you always come back. This is my second time yet I still want to go back.

    NCR Trekkers held its November Monthly Climb at Mt. Naupa, situated at Brgy. Cogon, City of Naga. The objective of this climb is to simply just camp out and reunite the trekkers for the last time this year. Why is it tagged as last time? We might not have a monthly camping on December because ...

  • Solo Camping Trip In Mt Naupa

    If you're looking at camping on Mt. Naupa, here are the directions:

    How to get there?

    Take a bus going south at Cebu South Bus Terminal and get off in Rikio. Your landmark should be the Park N' Go bakery right across Petron gas station. Once you're at Rikio, hop on to one of the habal-habal (motorbike taxi) to Cogon Chapel, your starting point to Mt Naupa.

    You shouldn't have a hard time finding a guide. Kids are everywhere. If not, asking around as you go along would do you fine.

    Bus: 20 php
    Habal-habal: 50 php
    Guide: up to you

    Of cours ...

  • Chasing Sunrise At Mt Naupa

    Chasing sunrise at Mount Naupa located in Naga City, Cebu.

    Visit for details on this adventure!

  • Priceless Moments At Mount Naupa

    Priceless Moments At Mount Naupa

    I have held the mountains accountable for whatever I have become right now. Compared to many, I am but a novice in the field of mountaineering ??" I don't even have the proper gears and equipment to begin with. But I don't know what spell has been casted by the mountains upon me, that no matter how tired or lazy I am, I just couldn't resist the call of nature. Just like what happened last Saturday.

    I was already sold out to the idea of staying at home over the weekend ??" to unwind and… just to stay at home. For somebody who has been on the outdoors, staying at home becomes a new experien ...

  • Mt Naupa Cebu PH

    Weekend Hike with friends in Mount Naupa, Naga Cebu Philippines.