Museo Sugbo

Cebu City, Cebu

Museo Sugbo is the Cebu Provincial Museum located in the former Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC), four blocks from Plaza Independencia.

Museo Sugbo News

  • Free Tour At Museo Sugbo Set On Oct 28

    Free Tour At Museo Sugbo Set On Oct 28

    In celebration of the Museum and Galleries Month 2017, Libreng Suroy sa Museo Sugbo returns on October 28 with entrance to the museum, guided tours, storytelling, reading and art sessions for kids, and a #CebuLitFest workshop and open mic for spoken word and music all for free.

    Spearheaded by the Cebu Provincial Government, Museo Sugbo, Cebu Provincial Tourism Office and the Cebu Literary Festival, "Libreng Suroy" aims to open the doors of the museum to actively reach out to the community with interesting arts and culture events.

    Free guided tours of the museum starts at 1 p.m.

    Story ...

  • The Five Museums To Visit For A Taste Of Cebus Culture

    The Five Museums To Visit For A Taste Of Cebus Culture

    Cebu is more than its history. Its culture is as rich as its soil and its heritage as vibrant as its people. Living testaments to that are the museums displaying facts of what was the Queen City during its formative years. Here's the list of museums around downtown one can hop from one place to another just for a day.


    One of the city's attractions with historical accents is the Fort San Pedro. Also known as the smallest and oldest fort in the country, this is located along the bustling port area of Cebu and the great Plaza Independencia. It was built by Spanish and Cebuano ...

  • Museo Sugbo A Cebuano Heritage Structure Restored

    Museo Sugbo A Cebuano Heritage Structure Restored

    In the early morning of October 15, 2013, the whole of Cebu and its neighboring provinces were jolted by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that toppled buildings, bell towers and churches, causing major damage to centuries-old infrastructure.

    After the tremor, Museo Sugbo, a heritage structure that was once Cebu's provincial jail before it was turned into a museum, had to close down for seven months as a precautionary measure though fortunate that none of its displays were damaged.

    Although no major visible damage could be seen, the calamity brought into question the safety of the structure and ...

  • Museo Sugbo - If Only Walls Could Talk

    Museo Sugbo - If Only Walls Could Talk

    Cebu can be heaven to history lovers since it has its own share of museums, like the Jose Rizal Memorial Museum, the Casa Gorordo Museum, the Cathedral Museum, the South Western University, and the Museo Sugbo, among others. Out of all of these repositories of the past, the Museo Sugbo has a rather interesting history.

    Museo Sugbo was designed as a prison by Domingo de Escondrillas in 1869. It was originally known as the Cárcel del Distrito and was meant to serve as the main prison for the entire Visayas District. Construction of the prison started at around 1871 and parts of its structure ...

  • A Day In a Museum - Museo Sugbo

    A Day In a Museum - Museo Sugbo

    I recently discovered Museo Sugbu ??" The Cebu Provincial Museum. At first glance, it resembled a Spanish-era fort or watchtower. But upon entering and listening to the tour guide, I learned it used to be a jail. It was the home of Youtube-sensation Cebu Dancing Inmates (CPDRC Inmates) until Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia transferred them to more spacious grounds. Before it became a museum, it was known as Carcel de Cebu ??" Provincial Jail of Cebu.

    To get there, my sister and I took a cab (since we're not very good with downtown jeepney routes) and even the cab driver was not familiar. So to all of ...

  • Museo Sugbo The Cebu Provincial Museum

    Museo Sugbo The Cebu Provincial Museum

    Cebu has been a premiere tourist destination in the Philippines. Not only the nature parks and adventures you can enjoy in Cebu but you can also see the history of the Philippines through very informative Museums such as Casa Gorordo Museum, Cathedral Museum, Fort San Pedro Museum and a lot more. One of the most interesting museums in Cebu is Museo Sugbo or also known as The Cebu Provincial Museum.

    Museo Sugbo is located in M.J. Cuenco Avenue in the old Spanish-era area of Cebu named Tejero. It was once the home of the world famous, YouTube sensation Cebu Dancing Inmates ??" the Cebu Provin ...