Mount Lantoy

Argao, Cebu

Mount Lantoy is a 593-meter high mountain located 10 kilometers inland from the municipality of Argao, Cebu in the Philippines.

Mt. Lantoy was declared as a watershed forest reserve in 1994. In Philippine mythology, Mount Lantoy is said to be the domain of Maria Cacao, a diwata who lives in a cave in the mountain.

Outside her cave grow numerous cacao trees, which are ...

said to be her plantation. After harvest time come rains that wash down the mountain, enabling Maria Cacao to float down to the towns below in her golden ship to sell her products.

Mount Lantoy Watershed Forest Reserve News

  • Argao: Back Where It All Started (Mt Lantoy Bugasok Falls And Balay Sa Agta)

    Argao: Back Where It All Started (Mt Lantoy Bugasok Falls And Balay Sa Agta)

    After our year end hike to Mt. Apo last year, I took a few months hiatus from hiking. Suddenly, the thought of getting toasted by the sun and tracing new trails no longer did interest me. In short, I got tired of hiking. I mean, what's there's more to do? I've been to Pulag, Kanlaon, and Apo, what else should I try to prove to myself? If you're a beginning hiker, don't get me wrong. Eventually, you'll reach into a point when the mountains no longer bring you thrill. You'll soon realize that nobody gets a medal for finishing a number of summits or for arriving at the summit first. When this tim ...

  • Mountain Hopping And The Extended Weekend

    Mountain Hopping And The Extended Weekend

    It all started with a simple invite. Days before September ended, Four Eyed Laagan and Wandering Soul Scamper invited me to join their weekend trip scheduled by the end of October. A hike to Mt. Lantoy in Argao, Cebu with river trek and caving side trips. I am somehow divided and hesitant to join at first for the following reasons:

    1. I haven't known them yet personally. We only get to converse occasionally through social media. We may have met on our Freedom Climb in Mt. Lanaya last June, and in Mt. Babag National Clean-up Day but basically we did not talk much.

    2. If I'm going to join ...

  • Animals You Can Only Find In Cebu

    Animals You Can Only Find In Cebu

    The Philippines is known to have a very diverse ecosystem, rich with fauna and flora. In Cebu, we have a number of animal species that are endemic to the island and are only found here. Whether you're a tourist visiting or a local wanting to know more about native animals here in Cebu, here are some species of animals that call only be found in our island.

    Tabunan Risiocnemis (Risiocnemis seidenschwarzi)

    Named after the head of the University of San Carlos Botany Research Group, Dr. Franz Seidenschwarz, the Tabunan Risiocnemis is a damselfly species that was di ...

  • Preserving Cebu biodiversity

    Preserving Cebu biodiversity

    A 96-page book holds the key for local governments and other stakeholders to understand the need to preserve Cebu's biodiversity.

    "The State of Cebu's Biodiversity," written by Lisa J. Paguntalan, Myrissa Lepiten-Tabao, Philip Godfrey Jakosalem, Al Orolfo and Ariel Rica, contains information on wildlife and plant species that stress the importance of preserving Cebu's biological diversity.

    It also provides a summary of the issues that threaten the existence of these species and the efforts??"some of them successful, others not so??"which were undertaken through the years to protect what ...

  • Coming home for the Argao fiesta

    Coming home for the Argao fiesta

    All roads lead to Argao today and tomorrow for a great weekend of fiesta celebration in honor of our patron, Saint Michael, the Archangel. Argao is a first class municipality, with a population of more than 85,000. Our parish is one of the oldest established parishes under the old diocese, now archdiocese of Cebu. Organized by the Agustinians in 1608, with only about 1,732 Catholic faithfuls, today Argao is one of the top three parishes in the entire Cebu. We, Argawanons are devout Catholics and we always celebrate our fiesta in great solemnity and jubilation. A good number of Argawanons who ...

  • LGU agree to protect biodiversity hotspots

    LGU agree to protect biodiversity hotspots

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) 7 and nature conservation groups urged other local government units in Cebu to help efforts in conserving key biodiversity areas (KBAs) in their territories.

    Al Orolfo, DENR 7 Protected Areas and Wildlife and Coastal Zone Management Service technical director, said the municipal governments of Dalaguete, Alcoy and Argao are drafting measures for more effective wildlife conservation.

    He said the towns expect to pass their local legislation early next year. "The three will be the models of other towns in the province," he added.