Mount Kapayas

Catmon, Cebu

Mount Kapayas is situated in Sitio Kampanya, Barangay Kabangkaya in Catmon Northern Cebu. It is also known as Lantawan Peak or Torre Peak because the highest point is made of limestone rocks resembling the peak of Mt. Mauyog in Barangay Tabunan Balamban. Elevation is measured at 758 Meters above sea level, making it the highest peak in Northern part of Cebu.

Mount Kapayas Key Biodiversity Area or Lantawan and Torre Peak News

  • Friendship Climb Mt Kapayas Catmon Cebu

    Friendship Climb Mt Kapayas Catmon Cebu

    Mt.Kapayas is one of Cebus highest peak located at Catmon, Cebu, Philppines. The mountain is known as the second highest peak in Cebu towering 800 MASL. This mountain is also called Torre by the locals. According to our guide, it is used to be the hidden place of General Maxilom during the World War II.

  • Mt Kapayas Catmon Cebu

    Our day hike together with pack boy adventures. Special thanks to Municipality of Catmon and to our local guides.

  • Mount Kapayas An Adventurous Climb To One Of Cebus Highest Peaks

    Mount Kapayas An Adventurous Climb To One Of Cebus Highest Peaks

    Traveling isn't always filled with rainbows and butterflies. From transportation pains to booking issues, there are a lot of unforeseen and inevitable setbacks along way, every time we hit the road. Even in local destinations and nearby trails like Mount Kapayas, we, as travelers, go through a ton of hurdles and rough situations. But at the end of the day, these hurdles foster personal growth as well as make every moment in our trip even more worthwhile.

    My recent hike with Team Bang to Mount Kapayas also had a share of misfortunes and not-so bright moments. As a matter fact, we were force ...

  • Mt Kapayas A Letter From The Mountains

    Mt Kapayas A Letter From The Mountains

    My dear hikers, climbers, mountaineers, travelers, explorers, or whatever shoe you'd like to fit in,

    I'm glad that a number of you have finally taken the courage to visit me. Oh, I know, some were just forced by their friends or have been obligated to join the bandwagon for social media purposes ??" to update their Facebook status or be featured by renowned accounts on Instagram. Whatever it maybe, I hope you have felt my warmth as I welcomed you into my lushes. I have asked the skies to provide you with good weather for that picture perfect scenery of infinite blue skies hovered by cotton- ...

  • A Hike To Mount Kapayas In Catmon Cebu

    The peak of Cebu Mid north Mountain, at Brgy. Cabancaya, Catmon, Cebu is a Historical Eco tourism Site, Transient Camp of Cebu first Filipino Governor and Revolution General Arcadio Maxillom against Spanish and American rule.

  • Hiking Matters 508 Mt Kapayas Another Nice Dayhike In Cebu

    Hiking Matters 508 Mt Kapayas Another Nice Dayhike In Cebu

    Around 50 kms north of Cebu City lies Mt. Kapayas (766m), another worthy dayhike in the island province of Cebu. With a limestone peak reminiscent of Mt. Napulak in Iloilo and the Montalban mountains in Rizal, it offers rewarding views of the Visayan seas and the large islands of Negros (W) and Bicol (E).

    I hiked Kapayas in May 2016 accompanied by 18-time Halcon climber Cynthia Sy, traveler Limuel Lajo, and young Cebuano hiker Richard Angelo Tiu. From Mandaue, we took a northbound bus at the North Terminal and met in Catmon's municipal hall with our guide Kyno Dumlao (09993259621), who arra ...