Mt Kangbulagsing Mt Lanaya

Alegria, Cebu

Mount Kangbulagsing and Mount Lanaya Key Biodiversity Area is near the southwestern tip of Cebu Island, and includes Mt Kangbulagsing, a short distance inland from the town of Malabuyoc, Mt Lanaya, which is south of the town of Alegria, and probably also the Mt Matunog range, which appears to connect Mts. Kangbulagsing and Lanaya. This is one of the few areas of forest remaining in the Cebu Endemi ...

c Bird Area.

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  • Mt. Lanaya Brgy Legaspi Traverse To Brgy Lumpan Where You Can Heave Your Spirit And The Mountain Will Keep It

    A crestfallen two months finally passed, first thing in my mind is to get back on track – go for extreme adventures – and climb mountains.

    I was told to do basic exercise, stretching, yoga and various other alternative forms of treatments to reduce the pain of my condition; and keeping me away from any future danger. Then, the poignant story of my life begins in tragedy (just kidding!). I was idled for two months and was drowned of the thought that I might not be able to go for adventure if I will not take the risk to rest.

  • A Quick Guide To Mt Lanaya Alegria Cebu

    Mt Lanaya, Alegria, Cebu-14Last December, I traveled to Alegria, Cebu to spend some time with nature, together with my boyfriend and our good friend. We had one of the most beautiful campsites all to ourselves. It's called the Windows XP campsite, and it's at the foot of Mt. Lanaya.

    Mt Lanaya, Alegria, Cebu-3I wasn't able to blog about all the how-to details regarding Mt. Lanaya, which is why I had to answer inquiries one by one on Facebook. So, for all those who are interested to climb Mt. Lanaya this summer, I hope this helps!

    How to Get There

    Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal and get o ...

  • Camping In Alegria Cebu

    Camping in Alegria, Cebu.

    Music: Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men

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  • Top 10 Adventures Of Four-eyed Laagan A Transformation

    The thought that I used to be a nerd guy that satisfies itself with facing his smartphone, laptop and staying around the four corners of his room is dreary. On this year, 2016, I was transformed into someone to the one. I became outdoorsy, longing for adventures, physically active and it was making me the happiest person in my existence. I also ventured out into a new field where I was luckily recognized that I never thought of. Seemed like life is full of surprises, isn't it?

    I've been to numerous destinations and most of them are documented in this blog, Four-eyed Laagan. All of them were ...

  • Mount Bandilaan The Mountains Are Calling

    The year 2016 was the "Year of the Mountain" for me. If you'd scroll unto my feeds, you'd basically find successive entries about the mountains that I have been to. I'd like to believe that this all started on a New Year's Resolution that I posted on Facebook the moment the year started.

    It was a joke between friends. But who would have thought that I could actually put into realization this random resolution? Not that I'm complaining. In fact, more than anything else, I've always been grateful to the mountains.

    I have lost track on the number of mountains that I have climbed around the ...

  • The Closest Thing To Batanes In Cebu

    The trip may not have turned out as planned, but the experience was like no other.

    Nestled in one of the mountains in Alegria, far down south of Cebu, is this campsite with a jaw-dropping view. While it may look like the default Windows XP wallpaper (remember that?) in some angles, this beautiful place also holds a slight similarity to a dream destination of mine (and I'm pretty sure it's yours, too) – Batanes.

    Since I still have a lot on my list (plus responsibilities), it will take some time for me to get there. So, this would have to do. It's probably the closest thing to Batanes he ...