Mount Kan-irag or Sirao Peak or Pedro Calungsod Peak

Cebu City, Cebu

Mt. Kan-Irag also known as Sirao Peak or Pedro Calungsod Peak is situated in the upland area of Cebu City, specifically in Barangay Malubog. It is standing approximately 700 MASL (meters above sea level) and at the peak of this Mountain you will see the whole Metropolitan.

Mount Kan-irag or Sirao Peak or Pedro Calungsod Peak News

  • Sirao Peak The Perfect Mountain For Beginners And Adventure Grammers

    Why do you climb mountains? Is it for recreation? To relieve the daily stress? For exercise? Reconnect with Mother Nature? Or just to have that photo shoot in the mountains for social media purposes?

    Well, whatever your reasons are, I just hope that every one of us will trek responsibly and will abide the LNT (Leave no trace) principles.

    It has been my nth time climbing Sirao peak, be it day trek, night trek or overnight camp. I even had a solo trek and camping on this mountain. There are numerous trails going to the summit of Sirao. Sirao Peak is otherwise known as Kan-irag Peak but acc ...

  • First Timer At Mt Kan-Irag And My Budget Friendly Weekend Escape

    You might have heard this a hundred times already but this is definitely one of the greatest desires of travel junkies like me. Until now, I'm still waiting for that day when I don't have to pay for airfare or even bus tickets going anywhere. You see, the problem here is that these expenses are often a bummer. Not if you're lucky enough, you might stumble upon a good promo in just one sitting. But even so, there are still other expenses that you have to take care of- like accommodation and food.

    In my case, these have become a hindrance because I frequently want to travel or go outdoors to ...

  • Hiking Up The Famous Peak Of The Metro With a Glimpse Of Falls And Flowers

    One lonely day I was wandering under the vast cerulean skies with the effulgent sun giving me an unusual radiance. With that I knew that this day would be extraordinary. And as I continued my musings and wanders, I was also looking at the sea of faces that have passed by me, curious about their own stories and dreams. Some faces were drowned by my own oblivion.

    But that just one moment, that one moment when I started going on a different path I saw you, sitting under the lone tree, enjoying your own freedom. Along this crowded and chaotic scenery, there I found you peacefully living in ...

  • Mt Mauyog And Sirao Peak Climb

    Mt. Mauyog is one of the hiking destinations in the province of Cebu. It has a towering height of 1,027 Meters Above Sea Level. It is often compared to a human brain because of its look-like formation. It is usually visited by hiker with twin day hike of neighboring mountain which is Mt. Manunggal (vice versa).

    After a year, our group visited again the Queen City of the South. A week before our scheduled flight we arranged and coordinated to our good friend Master Luzlie that we have plan to hike a nearby mountain that close to the proximity of Cebu City. The easiest as possible (lol). S ...

  • Trekking To Sirao Via Budlaan Kabang Falls

    River trekking and rock climbing in Budlaan falls before reaching Mt. Kan-irag - famously known as Sirao Peak. This is my first attempt to vlog.

  • Trails And Tales Of Sirao Peak

    That night when the moon was full and the cold wind sent shiver to lonely souls, a woman was holding dearly to her husband in high hopes of venting all the pains that she was feeling. She was sweating all over, and her cries echoed through the neighboring mountains. Come struck midnight when the cause of her distress came out of her. The smile that gently crawled on her lips upon seeing that exact flesh from her, immediately faded upon seeing the horrendous expression of the local midwife who assisted her. Something peculiar happened. And though it created a tremendous twinge on the couples' p ...