Moalboal Shoal

Moalboal, Cebu

Moalboal Shoal is just a three-hour drive west of Cebu, lying on the west coast of the island, with access to some exciting diving just minutes from the coast. There is not a huge amount going on along the coastline of Moalboal other than the odd fishermen peering down at the coral walls below or wading through the tidal flats in search of exciting inhabitants.

Moalboal originally b ...

ecame famous for the island of Pescador, just a 15 minute boat ride from the mainland and home to an extraordinary marine life phenomenon. A school of hundreds and thousands of sardines used to reside here but much to the confusion of the locals is now sitting about 100m off the shoreline of Moalboal. People visit Moalboal especially to see the sardines and it is easy to see why. Descending through the cloud of fish, getting lost in sardines, they dance backwards and forwards glittering in the water column. It is a spectacular site.

Moalboal Shoal News

  • Carousing In Moalboal

    Carousing In Moalboal

    It was a quick decision to revisit one of my favorite destination in Cebu province, initially we were aiming for an offbeat town in Southern Leyte but unfortunately, the lone local dive shop was fully booked for that weekend. We made quick arrangements on our favorite hostel and dive shop in Moalboal but then again, all were fully booked. We ignored the hindrances though, coming to this favorite town southwest of Cebu was a joy. My last visit was yet in June 2014!

  • Cebu Ultimate Itinerary In One Day

    In just one day we managed to complete an epic itinerary and full tour of Cebu, including Badian Canyoneering, Osmena Peak, Kawasan Falls and Moalboal for the incredible sardine run - we even got a little surprise at the end!

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    Be Right Back, Boracay

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  • Diving With MILLIONS Of Sardines In Moalboal (Cebu Philippines)

    Cebu Philippines has so much to offer but we never thought there would be millions of sardines in Moalboal! There were so many sardines you felt like you were inside a building! It was by far our favorite free dive because of the TURTLES, WE LOVE TURTLES! It was so peaceful swimming through the endless stream of sardines, it felt like another world. This is a close second to Kawasan Falls. EPIC

  • Freediving In The Philippines Moalboal

    The reason we wanted to learn freediving is, that freedivers usually have the best encounters with marine life and additionally are able to take great pictures and videos of it. You move freely and peacefully under water, without any heavy equipment or producing bubbles. Thats why fish react positively and without fear you become a part of the ocean somehow. And since weve already planned some very special marine life encounters for this year, were certain, that our freediving adventures have only just begun.

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  • Guide To Moalboal Philippines

    Guide To Moalboal Philippines

    Youll most likely be starting your journey from Mactan-Cebu International Airport. From the airport grab a white taxi from the taxi rank (located to the right of the airport exit) and head to the south bus terminal in Cebu City. Once there, you will be asked by many bus drivers where you are going and they will help point you in the right direction. Its a little confusing at first but the buses have their destination and route located in the front window. There are two buses that go to Moalboal, one via Birili and one vio Bato. Be sure to get the big yellow Ceres Liner that takes you via biri ...