Moalboal Shoal

Moalboal, Cebu

Moalboal Shoal is just a three-hour drive west of Cebu, lying on the west coast of the island, with access to some exciting diving just minutes from the coast. There is not a huge amount going on along the coastline of Moalboal other than the odd fishermen peering down at the coral walls below or wading through the tidal flats in search of exciting inhabitants.

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ecame famous for the island of Pescador, just a 15 minute boat ride from the mainland and home to an extraordinary marine life phenomenon. A school of hundreds and thousands of sardines used to reside here but much to the confusion of the locals is now sitting about 100m off the shoreline of Moalboal. People visit Moalboal especially to see the sardines and it is easy to see why. Descending through the cloud of fish, getting lost in sardines, they dance backwards and forwards glittering in the water column. It is a spectacular site.

Moalboal Shoal News

  • Moalboal Cebu The Sardine Run Experience

    Moalboal Cebu The Sardine Run Experience


    The small town of Moalboal is a very famous spot for divers because of its famous Sardine Run. Non-divers are welcome as well since the Sardine Run can also be experienced by snorkeling. The town can be your base as you explore the south-western tip of Cebu. You may also book Canyoneering tours here so theres no need to transfer to Badian.

  • DOT Four Cebu Towns Emerge As Tourist Faves

    The towns of Moalboal, Oslob, San Remigio, Daanbantayan and Sta. Fe in Bantayan Island, are the top favorite destinations of foreign tourists visiting Cebu in the first four months of this year.

    The latest record from the Department of Tourism (DOT-7) showed that these destinations are the ones most frequented by foreigners, including expectedly the major cities like Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu City, as well as the town of Cordova, on Mactan Moalboal is known as the jump-off point for scuba diving enthusiasts. It hosts a number of water sports related shops, as well as good resort facilities.

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  • Sardine Point an Unexpected Wild Encounter Under The Sea

    Sardine Point an Unexpected Wild Encounter Under The Sea

    Aquariums, zoos, marine parks, and certain tourist attractions have allowed people to interact with rare wildlife. Amazing as these attractions are, we cannot deny the fact that these animals are housed and presented in a controlled, if not artificial, environment. Their behavior and habits are far from natural. That is why we favor adventuring in the wilderness. We just love the spontaneity, excitement, and magic of a wild encounter. And that is exactly what we got when we dived in Sardine Point in Panagsama, Moalboal in southern Cebu, Philippines.

  • Dolphins Upside Down Moves, Moalboal Cebu

    Melon Headed Whales in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines.

  • Freedive South Cebu Philippines

    Free Diving Southern Cebu Philippines.

    - Oslob Whale Sharks
    - Moalboal Sardine
    - Pescador Island
    - Turtle Marine Sanctuary

  • Diving In Cebu And Bohol Philippines

    This is a quick look back at our diving holiday in the Philippines. We stayed at the Magic Island Resort in Moalboal, Cebu and in the Magic Oceans resort in Anda, Bohol.