Minglanilla News

  • Sugat Kabanhawan Festival 2015 Street Da

    Best in Streetdancing for Sugat Kabanhawan Festival 2015 Minglanilla National Science High School.

  • Sugat Kabanhawan Festival 2012

    If you'll gonna ask me "Where is the best place to celebrate Easter?". Well, you need to Choose Cebu, Philippines where a big celebration awaits to anyone who will venture some fun and excitement at Cebu's Sugat (Salubong in tagalog, Easter in english) Capital - Minglanilla! The town celebrated its 8th Sugat Kabanhawan Festival (Risen Christ Festival), a big socio-religious festival in honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Allow me to share that I was able to participate as a dancer & part of the propsmen on it's very first celebration, way back 2005 or 2006 under Minglanilla Science High ...

  • The Kabanhawan Festival Only In Minglani

    In its devotion to the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection, the municipality of Minglanilla has long held the distinction of being the “Sugat Capital” of the south, a title which is defined in the celebration of the Sugat-Kabanhawan Festival.

    Annually held every Easter Sunday, the occasion primarily focuses on “Sugat sa Minglanilla” – the reenactment of the meeting of the Risen Christ and the Sorrowful Mother – which is followed by a string of activities and events scheduled to take place throughout the day.

    As one of the biggest annually celebrated occasions of the munici ...