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  • Funtastic Island Medellin Swim In Blue Seas Zip Or Dive From a Cliff

    Three hours of land trip plus another 15 minutes of boat ride take a traveler from Cebu City to Funtastic Island in the town of Medellin in northern Cebu.

    Funtastic Island is part of Gibitngil, an island-barangay gifted with sparkling waters, vast coral reefs, long stretch of sand beaches, a picturesque sand bar and rock formations reminiscent of those in Coron, Palawan.

    Aside from the natural sceneries, Funtastic Island also boasts of several activities for the thrill-seekers such as a cliff-to-rock zipline, kayaking and snorkeling.

    But the most challenging that the island offers is ...

  • Gibitngil Island Medellin Cebu a Funtastic Discovery

    Gibitngil Island Medellin Cebu a Funtastic Discovery

    The exquisite beauty of the Cebu Island have truly captivated so many hearts as it offers almost everything that could take someone's breath away and make them come back again and again. Its magnificence is now the talk of many travelers. Many have been discovered and yet there are still so many to be discovered.

    In the humble town of Medellin in the northern part of the Cebu Island, a modest yet fascinating island was recently discovered. The Gibitngil Island, also known as the FUNtastic Island, lies with tranquility in the calm waters of Medellin. This Island, being referred to as FUNtast ...

  • Having Fun At Funtastic Island Medellin

    Having Fun At Funtastic Island Medellin

    It was the holiday season of 2012 and we were itching for some getaway adventure so we decided to go to the famous Funtastic Island in Medellin. None of us in our group have been to this island before, making this trip more adventurous.

    We scheduled our meet-up at Cebu North Bus Terminal at 5:00am but as expected, everybody arrived 30 minutes later. We took the 6:00am scheduled air-conditioned Ceres bus to Daan-Bantayan through Kawit, our drop-off point. The trip from Cebu City to Kawit, Medellin is around three and a half hours, good thing we took the AC bus (P150/person) for us to have a ...

  • Medellins Gibitngil Funtastic Island

    Medellins Gibitngil Funtastic Island

    It was 9 o'clock in the morning of April 19 when we left home to go to North Bus Terminal and hire a v-hire for Medellin. Sadly, there weren't any v-hires available because of the hectic travel schedule the day before, which was Good Friday, leaving us with no other choice but look for a bus that would take us to our destination, Kawit in Medellin. According to the info we searched on the net, we had to stop at Kawit, Medellin, and rent a pump boat to reach the island that everybody's talking about and our family have been planning to visit for our Easter Sunday celebration ??" the "Funtastic" ...

  • Northern Cebu Trip In Funtastic Island Medellin Cebu

    Northern Cebu Trip In Funtastic Island Medellin Cebu

    Last February, my closest officemates and I took a little Valentines' trip to Cebu. The last month of the year is usually the time when airline tickets go on sale. We are all pretty impulsive when it comes it to travelling. So, when we saw that sale, we immediately booked the tickets! We got the seats for only P1043.00, that's from Manila to Cebu and vice versa.

    We can only stay there for 4 days and after careful planning, we all decided to visit Funtastic Island and Bantayan Island.

    Seat sales are usually scheduled late at night. We left for Cebu at 11:30 PM and we arrived around 1:00 A ...