Mangasang Falls

Cebu City, Cebu

Mangasang Falls is located in a small and isolated mountain barangay in Cebu City. A very good shower type falls for the non-swimmers. It has several small drops which requires advanced-beginner trekking skills. River-trekking required.

Mangasang Falls News

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    10 Cool Cebu City Destinations For Nature Lovers

    Thinking of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle but don't have time for long travels? Today is your lucky day! TheCebuano presents 10 amazing destinations within Cebu City that feature the change of scenery that you need and deserve right this very minute. If you're a lover of nature and anything that's clean and fun, read on!

    1. Kabang Falls
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  • Mangasang Falls of Tagbao Cebu City

    The beautiful Mangasang Falls in Barangay Tagbao, Cebu City.

  • Tagbaos Secret Mangasang Falls

    Tagbaos Secret Mangasang Falls

    I was researching for some non-mainstream sites, hidden spots and Cebu and I found this little known secret place just in Cebu City, specifically in Barangay Tagbao! One of Barangay Tagbao's secret spot is the Mangasang Falls aside from the local's preferred spot, the Liki Falls. It is not really well known since Tagbao sits at one of the borders or the farthest part of Cebu City (this is right after Barangay Taptap).

    'Mangsang Falls', or also other wise known as Mangasang-a falls was only about 1km but was a bit tricky in places and you were going to get your feet or your fall into chest d ...

  • Mangasang Falls Tagbao Beautiful Secret

    Mangasang Falls Tagbao Beautiful Secret

    A couple of weeks ago, my friend Marven told me about a waterfall near his home that he wanted to check out. See, he lives in Barangay Guba in the highlands. If you're wondering where Guba is, it is located next to Barangay Sirao (where the famous Ayala Heights is located.) Anyways, long story short, we decided to give it a try. Check out the photos of our adventure!

    Since Marven is a teacher and he doesn't have a lot of free time, I grabbed the chance when he mentioned that he wasn't very busy (this was around two weeks before classes officially started.) So, we agreed to meet at his famil ...

  • Mangasang Falls Tagbao Cebu City

    Mangasang Falls Tagbao Cebu City

    Tagba-o, a small and isolated mountain barangay in Cebu City, is blessed to have one of Cebu City's natural tourist spots, the "Mangasang Falls".

    If you like to get away from stress, busy life, noisy streets and heavy traffic of our city, you might want to consider going Mangasang Falls, bring your family and friends and get refreshed on cold freshwater. Travelling there could take about an hour using habal-habal(Motorcycle taxi) from JY Lahug.

    It's a quite place where you can feel to be with mother nature and enjoy some adventures as well like river trekking while still on the way to th ...