Malapascua Island

Daanbantayan, Cebu

Malapascua Island is a Philippine island situated in the Visayan Sea, 6.8 kilometres across a shallow strait from the northernmost tip of Cebu Island.

Malapascua became famous fairly recently, only in the early 1990s as a dive destination. Prior to this, the island was known for its wide white sand beach, known as Bounty Beach; it has also become known for its beautiful coral garde ...

ns and excellent local dive spots, as well as further-out sites including Gato Island, Monad Shoal, and Kemod Shoal. Monad Shoal is an underwater plateau where thresher sharks and manta rays can regularly be sighted.

Most of the islanders derive their livelihood from tourism, while some still rely on subsistence fishing and farming.

The number-one dive site of Malapascua is Monad Shoal where thresher sharks can be seen regularly at and just before sunrise. They use the seamount as a cleaning station for bluestreak and moon cleaner wrasse to remove ectoparasites such as gnathiids from their skin and clean their gills and mouths.  Wiki

Malapascua Island News

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    When you talk about traveling to Cebu, people will always suggest Oslob Whale Shark Watching, Tumalog Falls, Moalboal, Simala Shrine, Mactan Shrine, Camotes Island, Bantayan Island, Malapascua Island and the list goes on.

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    Fresh air, stunning views, splendid corals and white beaches await you when you visit the beautiful island of Malapascua located in northern part of Cebu, the Queen City of the South.

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    I finally was able to visit Malapascua Island after failing to seize 3 opportunities in the past. Malapascua is accessible via the northern most town of Logon-DaanBantayan, at the tip of Cebu Island, Philippines. This laid back island is relatively known to foreign tourists especially divers and beach lovers due to it's rich marine sanctuary and slow-pace of life.

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  • Malapascua Island Cebu Philippines

    We spent a week diving off Malapascua Island off Cebu in the Philippines. It is probably the only place in the world where you can reliably see Thresher Sharks. There are many other really good diving opportunities off Malapascua and the surrounding Islands, including Gato Island. We used Thresher Shark Divers while we were there. This was my second time diving with them. They are a very safe and organized dive operation.

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    The cinematic masterpiece Jaws has shaped the views of sharks in American culture from its release in 1975 to this day. Although most people know that Jaws is not an accurate depiction of shark species, it has still left a fishy taste in their mouths. Shark species in general remain under researched and mysterious to the public. They are simply known as aggressive predators that have no other purpose besides hunting for prey and swimming all day. To most, sharks are just another fish in the ocean. However, an island in the Philippines is beginning to see a different side of these large, fascin ...